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I have small lateral incisors. Is there a way to make them bigger, or would I need to have my front teeth shaved down? (photo)

I currently am unhappy with my teeth, and am not sure in what direction to go. I had braces and everything was good until i ended up getting into an... READ MORE

My lateral incisors are smaller than the rest of my teeth. What should I do about it?

I have recently noticed how my lateral incisors are smaller than the rest of my teeth -- and seeing it in photos has made me self conscious about it.... READ MORE

Pressed or Feldspathic Veneers/crowns?

I have a zirconia implant abutment on one of my incisors and am getting veneers on the front 2 and opposite incisor. Is it possible to have... READ MORE

One of my Lateral Incisor is Very Outwards, All my Other Teeth Are Good. I Don't Want to Wear Braces . Should I Go for Implant?

One of my Lateral Incisor is Very Outwards, All my Other Teeth Are Good. I Don't Want to Wear Braces . Should I Go for Implant? READ MORE

What are my options for closing a large gap between an incisor and canine? (Photo)

Over the years, a gap between my left lateral incisor and canine has grown, and I'm not comfortable with it. It's starting to look as though I'm... READ MORE

How to achieve a perfect smile? Canines grown in lateral incisors' place, baby canines still in place, crooked teeth (Photo)

Problems: canines have grown in my laterals' place, while baby canines are still in their original place; crooked central incisors. I have been... READ MORE

What Should I Have Done to Make my Central Incisors Look Less Prominent? (photo)

I have great healthy teeth but I am self conscious about the size of my central incisors in relation to my other teeth. Horsey! What can give me a... READ MORE

Missing lateral incisors treatment. What are my options? (Photo)

I'm missing both my lateral incisors & my canines have grown into their place. I have had them capped when I was 13 I am now 27. They stick out, are... READ MORE

Veneers didn't fit very well. Will they look different once attached? (photo)

The day I was suppose to get them planted in, the canines didn't fit (first bad sign), so they had to get resent to the lab. I also had some gum... READ MORE

Cosmetic Work with Bonded Lingual Retainer? (photo)

I have a bonded retainer on my upper and lower incisors. If I want to lengthen my lateral incisors with veneers or bonding does that retainer need to... READ MORE

I'm missing permanent teeth and I'm bothered about my appearance. What can I do about it?

I'm 17 years old and I have four congenitally missing teeth, two lower incisors and also both second premolars. The space where the premolars are,... READ MORE

My 11 Year Old Son is Missing a Lateral Incisor is Removing One Above an Option?

My 11 year old son is missing a lateral incisor in his bottom teeth and the orthodentist wants to have a matching tooth above removed. Is this regular... READ MORE

Should I be disappointed with my veneers? (Photo)

Three weeks ago I had 4 veneers placed in my top incisors and I am very disappointed and distraught about the results. The veneers feel very thick,... READ MORE

Veneers or Crown for Rotated Lateral Incisor?

I have a rotated lateral incisors on the right and I'm wondering if a veneer or crown could fix the look of this as my 21 birthday is in 3 months and... READ MORE

Both of my lateral incisors grew directly behind my central incisors. Is there any way to fix my problem? (photos)

Im am afraid of the dentist because they hurt me when i was little. and I have panic attacks just thinking about them. Im 25 years old. but i really... READ MORE

Would I benefit from filing down my front teeth or would it be better for me to add to my two top incisors at the front? (photo)

I'm 16 and I am self concious about my teeth and was wondering how I would be able to "fix" them. I am considering filing or adding to the tooth but... READ MORE

How can I fix my off centered smile due to extra tooth? (Photo)

I have an extra lateral incisor that has caused my entire upper row of teeth to shift over. My front teeth do not line up with my lip or nose properly... READ MORE

16 years, what are my options for proclined teeth and would it qualify on the NHS? (photo)

Hello, I have a horrible appearance, my teeth being one of the many problems. I had braces for 3 years (11-14). I still have an issue with them as... READ MORE

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