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Is it possible to fix a hole in a tooth near the gum line when the rest of the tooth is intact?

I have a bottom tooth front and center in my mouth that felt like it had something stuck in it near the gum line, so I reach in the pick it out and... READ MORE

Can I Protect my Teeth from Furth Bulimia Damage if I Get Veneers?

After countless money & dentists they ask if I had an eating disorder and do sm repairs. I am in 30's & my teeth are very beautiful from the... READ MORE

Surgical Extraction of Wisdom Tooth Hole Remains. How Do I Correct This?

Had a surgical lower extraction 8 weeks ago, I was in recovery for 4 4rs, bleeding badly and local anesthetic had migrated to my throat causing... READ MORE

What Needs to be Done for Hole in the Teeth?

My husband has hole in the outer layer of the teeth, Usually if a tooth is decayed, the hole appears on the top! I just need to know the reasons for... READ MORE

Tooth extraction w/ dry socket. Dry socket was treated with packing x2. I have hole and yellow tissue w/pain. Infection? (photo)

Tooth extraction w/ dry socket. Dry socket treated with packing x2. We are post 14 days. Hole and yellow tissue w/pain. infection? still has pain,... READ MORE

When will the holes heal completely?

My son had his wisdom teeth excised on 12/23, followed up twice secondary to infection; now still has open holes bilaterally that appear to have... READ MORE

Will a palate injection and possible infection drainage make gum recede and leave hole behind tooth of root canal? Will it heal?

Root canal on #12, dentist gave me an injection in my palate, afterwards I could feel something, like an abrasion or possibly a little temp cement (at... READ MORE

Broken teeth. What can I do? If I smile, it looks like a big hole.

I've just broken two teeth is there anything I can use I've tried the numbing gels and clove oil the tooth I just broke it broke in half and pretty... READ MORE

This morning my tooth beside my front tooth fell out. I would be happy if I could figure out a way to mask the hole (Photo)

I have known for a long time that I needed to do something but I have been terrified. I have a huge event coming up in a little over two weeks. I will... READ MORE

I had all my teeth removed 5 months ago and temporary dentures put in. Hole still hasn't closed up.

I had 18 teeth extracted 5 months ago and still have an open empty socket on front lower jaw. No pain until yesterday, then redness and pain about 1/2... READ MORE

Big hole in tooth. Can it be treated? (Photos)

Im worried a lot. Im only 19 and my teeth are so bad. This hole was smaller but today I felt something and I found this. Please help me. READ MORE

Are my gums healing ok? (Photo)

I had a bone grafting done about two weeks ago, after the stitches dissolved there was a hole in my gums left behind, I was anticipating the hole... READ MORE

The backside of the lower front teeth chipped off as I was coughing. How much will it cost to fix?

Noticed something that felt like a tiny hole where my gums meet my tooth about 30 mins prior. No pain as of now, maybe slight sensitivity, can feel... READ MORE

My lateral incisor had a small hole near the gums, it looks like having cavities inside. What treatment do I need to fix it?

It was behind may central incisor and canine with a little gap, what treatment I need to fix it? READ MORE

My teeth are shocking; what do I do? (Photo)

! I'm 30 years old and never looked after them (It wasn't taught in childhood and I guess it just never became habit for me. They are now turning... READ MORE

5 weeks after wisdom teeth extraction, hole hasn't healed and there is pain with yellow in the hole. Is it infected? (Photo)

My right side is completely healed and fine. But on my left side, I've been having pain for the past few days. The hole is still open and there is... READ MORE

Is a hole in the tooth always decay?

My oral hygiene is pretty good. However, I recently discovered a hole or two on the outside surface of my molars. Is a hole in the tooth always a... READ MORE

What can they do to fix a tooth that broke? Now I have a hole in the bottom teeth

I was having problems with my gums. I read online that, rinsing with salt an d water was good. Well my gums are startting to look a little . But... READ MORE

I have quite bad decalcification and enamel loss, now I have a small crack, and also a 'hole'.. What are my options? (Photo)

I have quite bad decalcification and enamel loss, now I am noticing one of my very front teeth has a small crack in it near the top, and also a 'hole'... READ MORE

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