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Is 6 Days Enough To Recover From Wisdom Teeth Removal?

I'm 18, my wisdom teeth have not erupted yet, but my bottom ones are growing on a horizontal angle. I've booked an appointment to get it... READ MORE

Are Healing Caps on dental implants necessary?

I had upper teeth 22,23,24 extracted and implants placed (with bone graft) in late November. In mid-December the stitches were removed, and in... READ MORE

Is Cosmetic Gum Reshaping Safe for People with a History of Periodontal Disease or Mouth Ulcers?

Is cosmetic gum shaping similar to having a gum tissue graft? How painful is gum reshaping? How long does it take for the gums to heal? READ MORE

When will the holes heal completely?

My son had his wisdom teeth excised on 12/23, followed up twice secondary to infection; now still has open holes bilaterally that appear to have... READ MORE

Will a palate injection and possible infection drainage make gum recede and leave hole behind tooth of root canal? Will it heal?

Root canal on #12, dentist gave me an injection in my palate, afterwards I could feel something, like an abrasion or possibly a little temp cement (at... READ MORE

What are the risks of waiting until the extraction site has healed to determine if a bone graft is necessary?

I have had 2 failed root canals on #19. My dentist recommends extraction, and bone grafting, followed by an implant in 4 months. What are the risks of... READ MORE

Are my gums healing ok? (Photo)

I had a bone grafting done about two weeks ago, after the stitches dissolved there was a hole in my gums left behind, I was anticipating the hole... READ MORE

How long will my tooth need to heal after dental trauma from falling?

I fell a month and a half ago and since my front tooth has been lose I've had X-rays done two weeks after injury and nothing seemed to be wrong... READ MORE

5 weeks after wisdom teeth extraction, hole hasn't healed and there is pain with yellow in the hole. Is it infected? (Photo)

My right side is completely healed and fine. But on my left side, I've been having pain for the past few days. The hole is still open and there is... READ MORE

I had a bone graft done on #20 and is healing well. Today I noticed some discoloration on the gum of my #22. Any suggestions?

Would that have anything to do with the bone graft? Or am I looking at a completely different issue? The color of the rest of my gums is a bright... READ MORE

Is bone grafting compulsory? And does a lot of bone loss occur with root canal treated tooth?

Hi, I am looking at getting my upper right second premolar tooth replaced with a dental implant. It was a root canal treated tooth, and I am waiting... READ MORE

I had full mouth dental extraction, 28 teeth removed in one session with local anesthesia. How long will it take to heal?

As an otherwise healthy male of 61, nonsmoker, normal weight and no health conditions, how soon will the healing process permit me to comfortably... READ MORE

Surgery scheduled in a couple days. Would bone grafting/tissue regeneration/socket preservation prior to a fixed bridge?

Surgery scheduled in a couple days.-Bone grafting/tissue regeneration/socket preservation prior to a fixed bridge? I have anorexia with... READ MORE

I just got all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. How long does it take for my stitches to heal?

My bottom two were impacted and neither of my wisdom teeth had developed roots. Neither of them surfaced my gums. When do I start using the salt water... READ MORE

Extraction partial removable plate? (Photos)

Back left upper molar. Dr wants to extract but I have a front upper three unit bridge. He proposes to extract the tooth let it heal . then do... READ MORE

Upper and lower jaw surgery question. Over 10 years ago I had lip aug using a permanent filler.

I have seen many pictures and videos on jaw surgery. I need a Le fort in 3 pieces to widen my upper jaw and bring forward. My lower jaw also needs... READ MORE

Crown over cracked tooth?

My dentist put a crown on a tooth that is cracked. He said the crown would hold the tooth together and protect the tooth from cracking more. It has... READ MORE

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