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Can Your Front Tooth Just Fall out of Your Mouth? (photo)

What is holding it other then gums? I really feel like my top right front tooth is going to fall out. My gums have receded quite a lot in the last... READ MORE

Lower Part of Gums are Red. Who Should I See? (photo)

It's not the gums, it's below the gums, what can i do to fix it?? Should i see a dentist or periodontist or doctor?? I'm a mouth breather and do get... READ MORE

Will a Deep Cleaning Reverse Gum Disease? And What is the Best Way to Tighten Pockets?

Will a Deep Cleaning Reverse Gum Disease? And What is the Best Way to Tighten Pockets? READ MORE

How Often Should a Fixed Dental Bridge be Flossed for Proper Hygiene?

What are the side effects of not flossing enough or flossing too much? READ MORE

How can I fill the gaps between all teeth, so that food doesn't get stuck? (Photo)

I have gaps between all teeth. I'm 33. I smoked for 12 years, stopped 2 years ago. I also kept bad oral cleaning for years. This led to gum disease,... READ MORE

I have gum disease I am afraid one of my teeth are going to fall out?

Wene I brush it bleeds and it feels lose I don't know what to do I'm only 15 this should. Not be happening READ MORE

Are There Natural Methods of Dealing with Receding Gums?

What types of cosmetic surgery would also help with receding gums? Is it really the only guaranteed solution? READ MORE

Can Bone Grafting Be Done by my Real Teeth to Make It Stronger?

I'm 21 and i have gum disease for a long time probably for 7 years and i recently had a x-ray done showing bone loss and the gums in front and... READ MORE

Is Cosmetic Gum Reshaping Safe for People with a History of Periodontal Disease or Mouth Ulcers?

Is cosmetic gum shaping similar to having a gum tissue graft? How painful is gum reshaping? How long does it take for the gums to heal? READ MORE

I have gum disease and I recently lost a tooth. I lost all the bone in my gums. How can I treat it?

Gum disease 51 years old lost one tooth already lost all the bone in my gums treatment options READ MORE

My bottom tooth has shifted due to gum disease. Can you help? (Photo)

Hi - 27 yr old female. I hav not been diagnosed with gum disease but i know i have it. I always have a bad taste in my mouth and my gums have receded... READ MORE

Natural Looking Dental Bridge For My Situation?

I recently lost my four front teeth in a fall. I have been researching different options to replace my teeth and I think getting a dental bridge with... READ MORE

What is a permanent option for severe periodontal disease? It's only affecting my front bottom teeth.

I have a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth across my front 4 teeth. Which have been ruined by my gum disease. My retainer is the only thing... READ MORE

Can I still cure my gum disease and fix my teeth? Can I fix my teeth without curing my gum disease as well?

I have gum disease since I was a little girl and I didn't know how important it was to cure it nor did my parents because we did not have enough money... READ MORE

Is it possible to improve the appearance of my teeth? (photo)

I have had extensive gum disease and am left with very large black triangles and gum recession. I have been under the care of a periodontics for 2... READ MORE

Due to a severe gum disease, my gums around certain teeth have receded. Are there synthetic gums?

I desperately want to have dental implants, but due to the results of a severe gum disease a couple of years ago in which my gums receded around... READ MORE

I Need to Have Dental Work for Receding Gums and Scaling?

I had gingivitus and gum disease runs in our family.Hadn't seen a periodontist for years after my last appointment my Fibromyalgia goes into overdrive... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do from home for my extreme bone loss due to gum disease?

Is there anything that I can do to slow down the loss of my bone & gum disease. While I am waiting to obtain a appointment? READ MORE

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