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Can my front teeth be grinded down to be even? (photo)

I chipped my front tooth years ago and had it patched up. It looked great. But it chipped again and had to be redone. It hasn't chipped again but I'm... READ MORE

What Does A Tmjd Patient Do When The Customized Occlusal Splint Is Damaging The Right Fang To The Point Of It Needing Capped?

NIGHTLY GRIND&CLENCHING has gotten worse!my RIGHT FANG is being damaged INSIDEtheSPLINT!Its putting a DENT in the tooth&raising the underneath... READ MORE

Is a crown chipping in 2 days something usual?

I needed a crown for my front tooth. They had issues matching up the color so I actually went to the lab. In total there were 6 different attempts to... READ MORE

Are preventive dental sealants good / recommended for small children?

I have 7 years old child. Are preventive dental sealants good / recommended for small children? Can decay get under sealants? Also my daughter is... READ MORE

Could the tooth cracked somewhere below the gum line?

I have a tight bite and even use a mouth guard at night to reduce any teeth grinding. But recently I bit into a piece of multi grain bread. I felt... READ MORE

Can my teeth be adjusted to an oval rather than flat surface?

I previously had braces and since then I have gum recession, teeth has been pushed back too much where it seems like there is not enough room for my... READ MORE

How much does it cost to get teeth filed in NYC? (photo)

I've had braces in the past so my teeth are straight, but I used to grind my teeth in college. As a result, a few of my front teeth are uneven and I'm... READ MORE

What are my options to lengthen my teeth? (Photo)

Can I have length and width on my teeth? I have good strong teeth but grind my teeth and gave a square jaw line :(( please help as I hate my smile... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; crowns, veneers, or braces? (photos)

Severe acid and grinding wear, especially on molars. Crowding in bottom front. Going to a night guard. Not sure which route to go. Braces clearly... READ MORE

What is the best way to stop grinding my teeth and repair the damage done so far? Night guard did not work. Thank you.

I have ground my teeth so far down. I was considering veneers, however there is no point, if I can't stop it. READ MORE

Is there any possible way to be able to fix my top tooth that sticks out? (photo)

I'm not worried about my bottom teeth not even the canines it's just my one top tooth that bugs me , it's slightly shorter than my other front tooth... READ MORE

Two of my front teeth top and bottom have circles in the middle that are sensitive. Can I get them treated?

I grind my teeth when I'm asleep, my dentist have never offered help with this or a guard. READ MORE

Is grinding my lower teeth a solution or leaving it as it is? (Photo)

I think my lower teeth are bigger/longer than the lower teeth of a normal human-being. I have observed many people and seen that people usually have... READ MORE

I have awful grinding and TMJ per my dentist. I have been to numerous dentists to no avail. I have lost all lower back teeth.

Wear an NTI at night, guards during the day but still have pain (all right sided). Either need a lower partial or implant for lower lost teeth. Can... READ MORE

Should I be concerned for the closeness of my left incisor? Is my night guard too tight? (Photo)

I wear a night guard for grinding/clenching my teeth while I sleep. My left incisor is a little wiggly/loose and I am not in pain. That tooth has a... READ MORE

Is grinding down the natural bottom teeth to fit a too thick upper front bridge really necessary? (Photo)

I have a three unit dental bridge for my front upper dentist can't seem to get it right due to the lab/impressions. To make this fourth... READ MORE

Will I cause damage to teeth by wearing my old retainer?

After root canals and porcelain crowns were added on back molars, I found out that I grind my teeth at night because my bite has shifted immensly and... READ MORE

How long does it take for front upper and lower teeth to heal from a bite adjustment?

My dentist filled 3 teeth. All of my teeth hurt thereafter. He tried to adjust my teeth, even adjusted my front upper virgin teeth, but I had still... READ MORE

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