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Procedure to Correct Longer Tooth?

What is the best procedure when one of your top front tooth is longer than the other? My two top front teeth are in pretty good shape but my left one... READ MORE

My Front Teeth Are Too Big! Can They Be Fixed? (photo)

I am already planning on having invisalign to straighten out my teeth again, as they have shifted since having braces as a teen. However, even when... READ MORE

What Can I Do About my Large Front Teeth That Stick Out? (photo)

I have oversized front teeth that are much larger than the teeth around it. Making matters worse, they are very upfront (although I'm not sure if it's... READ MORE

Reducing the Size of my Two Front Teeth and Closing the Gap? (photo)

I would like to know if its possible to reduce the size of my two front teeth and close the gap and the cost. I am 35 years and I think I also do have... READ MORE

My front teeth are uneven. Can they be fixed? (Photo)

My two front teeth are at uneven lengths, it's very embarrassing and obvious. When I was getting the mold for my braces my right front tooth chipped... READ MORE

Im 14 and I Have a Gap in my Two Font Teeth. Can Anything Other Than Braces to Fix It?

Im 14 and have a gap in my two front teeth and i wouldnt mind braces but i just want to know is there anything other than braces that i can do to fix... READ MORE

What Can Be Done for Very Protruding Gums to Make It Strucked In? Pls Recommend Ways

I have a very protruding front teeth and i have braces for 5 yrs but it didnt work out. So i decided to make my 6 upper front teeth extracted to treat... READ MORE

My child has big front teeth. What can I do? (Photo)

My child is 9 years old, since the beginning of dentation he had big long upper incisors. I thought that this inpropotienate will be resolved after... READ MORE

Why Are my Two Front Teeth Still Different Sizes After Filing to Correct This Issue? (photo)

I had my 2 front teeth filed down. The first dentist didn't file them to my satisfaction. The tooth on the right seemed longer. I went to a... READ MORE

Hi, Can the two front teeth be filed down to the same length? (photo)

I wore invisalign for approximately 15 months to fix overcrowding. I'm happy with the result but my front two teeth appear uneven in length. Can the... READ MORE

I have small lateral incisors. Is there a way to make them bigger, or would I need to have my front teeth shaved down? (photo)

I currently am unhappy with my teeth, and am not sure in what direction to go. I had braces and everything was good until i ended up getting into an... READ MORE

How long will it take to close my two front teeth gap? (photo)

I've had this gap for years and I wanted to know if I could get an estimated time I would have to have braces on. Every tooth is straight an together... READ MORE

12 year old broke off almost half of permanent front tooth. What is the best option for treatment since she is still a child?

I Would like to know the best treatment option for my daughter since this is a permanent tooth but she is still a child and growing. It broke straight... READ MORE

My upper teeth are not visible when I talk. What can I do about it? (Photo)

When I talk or smile my teeth are not visible.please suggest me some treatment. READ MORE

Looking to "fix" protruding canine teeth. Are veneers or Invisalign or something else? (photo)

My two canine teeth are really the only teeth I have any issue with and they make me very self conscious, it's looks like they're too big since... READ MORE

Front Tooth is Uneven? (photo)

When I was about 10 I fell and chipped a tiny piece of my front tooth. The dentist shaved it a little bit and told me that he would shave the other... READ MORE

How can I make my two front teeth look shorter? (photos)

My two front teeth are sort of long, on the right side of my two front teeth, the tooth is crooked and makes one of my two front teeth look extremely... READ MORE

4 front teeth bent inwards. Is it possible to make them stand straight instead of bent inward?

Hi, So one of the parents of this person also has exactly the same teeth. 1) Does this have any medical name? 2) Does this go from mother/father to... READ MORE

I'm 27 yrs old and baby tooth is still there. Is it possible to keep the tooth?

Hi iam 27 and still have one baby tooth .. I went to doctor and c said that the roots of that tooth is really weak and I should remove it .. and they... READ MORE

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