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Why is my Tooth So Sensitive Still After 3 Weeks of Filling?

My dentist said the filling is deep. But every time eat or drink something cold my lower jaw seems to hurt really bad. Is it always going to be like this? READ MORE

Why do I have pain when chewing after having a composite filling?

I had a composite filling done on my lower back tooth today and now that the numbness has worn off I have a sharp pain in my tooth when chewing. I can... READ MORE

Broken Teeth After Filling. What Are My Options?

One of my molar teeth had filling. When I was eating my teeth broke. One half is left behind. Only half of it is broken. What are the options to save... READ MORE

Super Sensitive Tooth After Filling?

Had a filling done on a tooth which was located at the back of my mouth at the top 2 weeks ago. After that it has gotten super sensitive to hot, cold... READ MORE

Why does my tooth hurt after a composite filling?

About 2 weeks ago I had a small cavity filled on my right premoler and ever since I got it filled my whole tooth/jaw under my tooth has been sore and... READ MORE

Composite Filling Sensitivity and Aching?

I got one several yrs ago and have had problems ever since. Immediately I noticed sensitivity to hot and cold. My tooth aches down deep and the gums... READ MORE

Tooth sensitivity after a shallow filling is this normal?

One week ago had minor restoration to a bonded filling in rear most right molar which had broken claims the filling was very shallow, "a... READ MORE

I had 4 fillings done about a week ago. Now I can't eat on that side because my teeth hurts. What could be the problem?

I cant chew on the teeth that had fillings or I get a sharp pain. Then my teeth hurt all day. I went back to dentist he said they were filled too high... READ MORE

Why does my whole face hurt 3 weeks after white fillings?

I had fillings done on teeth 2 and 3 and at first the pain was bareable and only in the teeth and gums around those teeth every day it gets worse I... READ MORE

I Have Hypocalcification and Weak Enamel. Is It Better to Get Veneers or Bonding?

I'm a 32 yr old Female. I've had bonding on my front teeth before but it only covered part of the teeth and has now formed a discoloured line between... READ MORE

Bruising After Seeing a Dentist?

I went in for 2 fillings on my bottom right side. When I got home, I had a purple bruise on the upper right side of my cheek. Is this normal? I am... READ MORE

molar problem

I got a composite filling on tooth # 16 (wisdom tooth), but my biting fell weird, so i went to get it adjusted.  the dentis grinded a little from... READ MORE

Tooth with cervical filling started to hurt when chewing harder foods. What could be wrong and what can be done?

A couple of years ago, I got a cervical filling on a mandibular premolar. About a few months ago, this tooth started to hurt, but only when I chew... READ MORE

I hate my fillings, they look disgusting. I want to get rid of all of my cavities. What are my options? (photos)

I have sensitive teeth. Also alot of cavities what can I do to get rid of them and get back nice teeth. READ MORE

I had brown stuff on the back of my front teeth, had the teeth filled and I still see the brown stuff. What should I do?

I went to the dentist because i found some brown stuff on the back of my front teeth . then i had a filling in these theerh but i can still see... READ MORE

Can a Root Canal and Fillings Be Done at the Same Time?

I need to have a root canal done, and also fillings in order to start my orthodonic treatment. Can these be done at once? READ MORE

What Needs to be Done for Hole in the Teeth?

My husband has hole in the outer layer of the teeth, Usually if a tooth is decayed, the hole appears on the top! I just need to know the reasons for... READ MORE

I had filling in top and bottom teeth. I'm having a lot pain in my jaw and can't open my mouth wide. Is this normal?

I'm having apt of pain in my jaw and can't open my mouth wide at all sometimes it's feels like I'm being shocked and my pain gets worse in the mid... READ MORE

My tooth is starting to hurt under my filling, what should I do?

I got sort of a deep filling put on my tooth a year ago. I just barely started hurting under the filling. READ MORE

Peeling Gums After Dental Work?

Hi, So today I went to my dentist to get some fillings done. I had three fillings done on my top left side, all side by side. its been about 12 hours... READ MORE

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