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Are Dermal Fillers a Good Alternative For Filling Black Triangles?

I consulted several periodontists about my black triangle issue. They agreed that bone/gum graft won't work in my case because of the bone loss.... READ MORE

Will Injectable Fillers Fix a Black Triangle Between Front Teeth?

I have a gum recession and bone loss between my two front upper teeth which looks like a black triangle.. Veneers would look too wide if I do them to... READ MORE

How Long Should a Person Wait to Have Any Dental Work Done After Having Dermal Fillers Injected? (photo)

I have an appointment to have Radiesse injected into my marionette lines on the 1st and then I have a dental appointment on the 15th to put a... READ MORE

Can Dental Surgery with Much Novacaine Effect the Facial Fillers from One Week Prior?

The fillers are in the nasal folds and there was still some swelling present from it. I had multiple novacaine shots and drilling. Felt like the... READ MORE

I Need to Have Dental Work for Receding Gums and Scaling?

I had gingivitus and gum disease runs in our family.Hadn't seen a periodontist for years after my last appointment my Fibromyalgia goes into overdrive... READ MORE

Options for managing lack of papilla / high gum line? (photo)

I (26M) have a high (fairly flat) gum line along my front top teeth likely due to gingivitis/periodontitis in the past and have noticed significant... READ MORE

Why do I have black triangles between teeth after orthodontics?

I ended up with black triangles between teeth in lower front after extractions and orthodontics. What can be done about it? I heard of operating gum... READ MORE

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