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File Left in After Root Canal. Risk of Long-term Problems?

I Had a Root Canal Done and the File Was Left in It. The Endo Cannot Remove It , Can This Be a Problem in the Long Run? READ MORE

Why Are my Two Front Teeth Still Different Sizes After Filing to Correct This Issue? (photo)

I had my 2 front teeth filed down. The first dentist didn't file them to my satisfaction. The tooth on the right seemed longer. I went to a... READ MORE

Can a Broken File from a Root Canal Cause Sinus Problems?

I had a root canal done on tooth #3 about 3 months ago. The tip to the file broke off in the canal after it was all cleaned out. Instead of it... READ MORE

Kate Moss Look: Is It Possible to File Down Teeth?

Is there a way I can have my teeth perfected, maybe filed down to look like Kate Moss'? That youthful look so to speak. I hope someone out there... READ MORE

My Teeth Feel a Little Strange After Being Filed Down, Almost "Cruddy." Is This Normal?

I recently had my two front teeth filed down, and they feel a little strange. Almost like when you drink Sunny Delight or an acidic fruit drink and... READ MORE

File from Root Canal Now in Sinus Cavity from the Endodontist. What Problems Will This Cause ?

File from Root Canal Now in Sinus Cavity from the Endodontist  What Problems Will This Cause ? READ MORE

Is there a way to restore a front tooth after the dentist filed down too much? (photos)

I had a very small chip on my front tooth. I went to the dentist to see what she could do so that the edge would not bother me and she said that she... READ MORE

I have two front teeth that are longer than my other teeth. Can they be 'reshaped' or filed down? (photo)

All of my teeth are in very good condition, including the two front teeth I'm referring to. The two in front embarrass me, so i try not to smile and... READ MORE

Making teeth smaller? (Photo)

I got my braces off today but now I'm self conscious and don't even want to smile because my teeth are so huge. Ive heard of people having their teeth... READ MORE

Should I Get my Teeth Filed? (photo)

I also have a cross bite and overbite, but over the years I have pushed my bottom jaw forwards and now it permanently stays there. What are my options... READ MORE

I chip my Rt front tooth 7 yrs ago and had it filed down. Now the right tooth is shorter than the left. Any suggestion? (photo)

The chip was in the center & went slightly above and between mamilons that I had. The dentist filed it down past the mamilons but you can still see... READ MORE

Any Cosmetic Dentists in NY or Surrounding Areas Can Help Please? (photo)

I would like my teeth them (mainly the two fronts and the "vampire teeth") to be filed down evenly. Also the small spaces filled in between. I just... READ MORE

Can my two front teeth be filed down without closing the small gap I have? (Photo)

I want to get my two front teeth shortened because I think they're too long. READ MORE

How can I fix my smile? One tooth is longer than the other.

Hi! First of al, I just wanna say that I really appreciate what you guys are doing here! Thanks! Anyway, my braces were removed like 1 year back and I... READ MORE

Could I have my sharp canine teeth filed down? How much would it cost? (Photo)

I have fang like canine teeth and am wondering if I am able to file them or get a bond on the shorter teeth to make them proportionate. Also how much... READ MORE

How will it cost me to file my front teeth in Nigeria?

How much will it cost me to file my front teeth in nigeria? READ MORE

I have a broken file during root canal treatment. What should I do?

I did a root canal treatment of upper left six tooth. but unfortunately a file was broken inside the miso bakkal root during the first visit. now what... READ MORE

Process of fixing mamelons in adults? (Photo)

I'' wondering what the possible procedures are for "fixing" my two front teeth? I have mamelons on my two center teeth, and would really like a... READ MORE

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