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Can i remove my canine tooth? (Photo)

I know that removal of canine teeth is a big no no because it can cause your face profile to change and tmj and other issues. However he believes my... READ MORE

What can I do to get bigger teeth and a bigger smile? (photos)

I find that either my teeth are too small or my lips are too big. But then I think about all the people I know of that have bigger lips and a huge... READ MORE

My teeth on one side of my jaw (right) is lower. Is my only option to shave it down to be straight with my left teeth?

My jaw on the left side is more pronounced outward and lower than my right side. The teeth are lower/longer and my orthodontist recommend shaving them... READ MORE

What Can Fix a One-Tooth Underbite?

I have a major over bite, but my lateral incisor is behind my bottom teeth acting like an under bit, buts its only that one tooth. READ MORE

What can be done to fix my high canine teeth? (Photo)

I'm 17 years old and I'm due to have braces this year (I hope) as I've been waiting 2 years for my self esteem to build up to actually go to the... READ MORE

Cosmetic Dentistry for Improving Sagging and Hollow Cheeks from Braces?

Can cosmetic dentistry helps to improve sagging and hollow cheeks caused by braces? My sister used to have a round face, but after the extraction of... READ MORE

Severe Protruded Front Teeth

First thank you for taking the time to view this question. I have severe protruded front teeth and crowdedness. Is it likely that I may need lower jaw... READ MORE

Expander or Retainer with Springs to Fix Underbite?

My 10 year old daughter has an underbite one orthodontist wants to use an expander to correct another states can be corrected with just a retainer... READ MORE

How to Fix Missing Upper Teeth when Smiling?

When I smile, my upper teeth don't show anymore, and I have developed a deep horizontal crease under my nose. I have a long nose and an overbite,... READ MORE

Depressed Because of Missing Molars - What Can be Done?

I have first lower molar(LEFT) extracted 6 months ago, and now the first molar rightneeds to be extracted too. The first upper molar on both side has... READ MORE

My teeth line up and my jaw/chin is crooked. What kind of procedures can give me a straight smile? (Photo)

My upper and lower teeth do not line up and meet properly. Also my jaw and chin are slanted you can really tell when I smile I look ridiculous. My... READ MORE

How do I fix my gummy smile? (Photo)

So when I smile really big my upper lip tends to curl under and expose a lot of my gums. I can't help it, and even when I don't smile very big I feel... READ MORE

My canine teeth were pulled a long time ago - Can they be replaced? (Photo)

How my canine teeth could be replaced. I look wearied when I smile. Is there alternative solution to improve my smile. Thanks READ MORE

My bottom tooth has shifted due to gum disease. Can you help? (Photo)

Hi - 27 yr old female. I hav not been diagnosed with gum disease but i know i have it. I always have a bad taste in my mouth and my gums have receded... READ MORE

Fix Underbite First or Have Teeth Shaven?

I want to have my underbite fixed by a dentist and also have my teeth shaved down to fit the others in size. I thought about veneers but they are... READ MORE

Can You Use Gum Countouring (With Laser) While on Accutane?

I am a 26 yrs old female on my 4th month of accutane 40mg, I have braces which will come off in 2 months and would like to have laser countouring of... READ MORE

Teeth feel like they are going to fall out!

I've had this feeling of my teeth are going to fall out on the right side. Everyday it's in a different place. But the same teeth. I've been to the... READ MORE

Wearing Dentures and My Upper Lip Has Slowly Turned Inward. Can It Be Fixed?

I started wearing dentures the same day of my surgery. After healing I was fitted with my final pair of dentures. My upper lip is almost turned into... READ MORE

Dentist Shaved off Too Much Tooth to Prepare for a Spring Retainer

I got spring retainers to move my teeth and the dentist shaved off too much of my lateral incisor #26. Even with the tooth in the correct position... READ MORE

My teeth do not line up correctly and my jaw & chin are crooked. Can this be fixed? (photos)

I always have head aches my left jaw has pain my teeth don't line up correctly my jaw and chin are crooked is there a procedure I can get done to fix... READ MORE

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