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Cosmetic Dentistry for Improving Sagging and Hollow Cheeks from Braces?

Can cosmetic dentistry helps to improve sagging and hollow cheeks caused by braces? My sister used to have a round face, but after the extraction of... READ MORE

My front upper teeth fall on top of my lower ones. Could this have caused my facial asymmetry ?

When i close my mouth shut, my upper teeth don't go in front of my lower ones like it's supposed to be. Instead they sit exactly ON top of my lower... READ MORE

What can be done to improve a small mouth, teeth curvature issues, and a wide face? (photo)

I have a small mouth and crooked teeth. My small mouth is exaggerated by a wide face. When viewed from below, my upper teeth seem to be concave on... READ MORE

Is it possible to reduce lower facial height with dental appliances?

I have excessive lower facial height, lip incompetence and mentalis strain as well as a receded chin on profile view. Is it possible to intrude my... READ MORE

Will my lips and face change if my baby tooth on the lower side is extracted? (photo)

Will my lips and face change if my baby tooth on the lower side be extracted and then do braces to move the remaining teeth to the right to fill the... READ MORE

Which treatment is good for me? (Photos)

I have some problems with my face. I don't like my chin and my profile, which is not so harmonious due to my weak chin. I have... READ MORE

I regret having my 4 permanent teeth removed. Is there anything I can do to have a symetrical face again? (photos)

So I got my 4 molars removed about 3 years ago and 3 years later I hate the way my face looks. I'm pretty devastated, everything I take a picture with... READ MORE

Is it possible to have perfectly wide and aligned teeth without SARPE? (Photos)

(extremely self conscious)I have overbite and palate is not perfectly wide. Teeth slant outwards. I was born in 1992 november. Is it possible to have... READ MORE

Is my face asymmetrical? Or is it due to overcrowding and overbite? (photos)

I was wondering is my face asymmetrical? Or is it due to my overbite? I notice that it changed from when I was younger to when I got older. READ MORE

Should I consider veneers or a partial denture piece? Is there another option?

I am 20 year old lady, and I want my smile to look nice. I have always believed a smile leaves a lasting impact. I have two crowns that do not match... READ MORE

Will the orthodontist need to do bicuspid extractions? (Photo)

I really want my upper canine teeth bringing down, but I'm worried that the doctor will say I need biscupid extractions and I really don't want my... READ MORE

Palate expansion at 29

Would it be possible to adequately expand my palate with a DNA appliance, or do I need surgery? I had an expander as a 13-year-old, but my palate is... READ MORE

Masseter atrophy?

A few yrs ago I had my back molar removed. I had a lot of pain down to my jaw and was very sensitive. They didn't know what was causing it. due to... READ MORE

Are extractions necessary for my overbite and will they change my face for the worse and will the gaps close?

My denistbsaid to fix my overbite I should extract my 4 premolar teeth. Im worried if the gaps will close and if my face will become for weird or... READ MORE

What is causing my bottom right lip to go down and my top left lip to up when I speak?

I do have gum atrophy and missing teeth (back right bottom) plus there is bone loss. I had minor office gum surgery and my bridge placed back but it... READ MORE

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