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Do You Think a Root Canal is Proper Treatment for a Cracked Tooth?

Some how I cracked my tooth and the dentist is suggesting a root canal. I'm a ice chewer and I do think this is how I cracked my tooth. Its tooth #13... READ MORE

Is a dental facelift effective? (Photo)

I have an overbite that causes me discomfort and have talked to a few dental places about what can be done and all have told me I do not need braces... READ MORE

If I use a tooth positioner, could it open my bite back up again?

I had an open bite and it has closed completely since having braces. My orthodontist is saying I can take my braces off early and use a tooth... READ MORE

My front tooth moved forward because I suck my right thumb. Will a retainer correct this by pushing the tooth back? (Photo)

My front tooth (right) moved forward because I suck my right thumb. I asked for a retainer to correct this. There are two springs for the teeth to the... READ MORE

Does this dark gums treatment work?

I have dark gums and I've been looking for a treatment. I cam across this website that says offers dark gums treatment and that it's permanent. Do you... READ MORE

My dentist recently created an entire tooth to replace an extracted one out of composite. Is this a good solution? (Photo)

He tried a one winged Marylyn bridge that just kept falling out more than likely due to my bite. The long term soulution is to get an implant. But... READ MORE

Looking for a solution for overlapping Front Teeth. (Photo)

I currently need a lot of dental work. My front two teeth overlap and I currently have a flapper. I need a bridge and I would like to add three... READ MORE

How to repair very damaged gums? (photo)

Sometimes i used salt for mouthwash but it is not effective ,how can i repair this in a basic ways ,what is needed to become my gums okay? READ MORE

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