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Why are my teeth grey at the top where they meet my gums all of a sudden?

I have had white teeth my whole life. yes I have bleached them with a product from my dentist and never had a problem.. then about 3 or 4 years ago,... READ MORE

My tooth is grey but isn't dead. If I got braces, would this affect my treatment?

6 months ago one of my side canines became darker than the rest of my teeth. I have been to see a private root canal specialist after a number of... READ MORE

I Want to Improve my Teeth? (photo)

I am unhappy with the overall appearance of my teeth. I want to know what are some of the options I have for improving my smile. I don't like the... READ MORE

My gums are dark, discolored even after I stopped smoking. It really bothers me. Any solution or treatment?

My gums are dark, discolored even after I stopped smoking. It really bothers me. Any solution or treatment?? READ MORE

Will Trauma to Teeth and Gums Cause Discoloration if Excessive Bleeding Has Occurred?

My 5-year old fell off his bike a couple of weeks ago. His gums bled excessively and a couple of his teeth was loose. I noticed his teeth is now... READ MORE

I have a very gummy smile and very small teeth. Can it be improved? (Photo)

I have very small teeth and a ton of gums show. They are also discolored :( I tend to hide my smile or avoid it all together. Problem is I have a... READ MORE

I Have a Postlin Crown and Wondering if I Can Have Veneers over It

My crown is one of my front tooth and has discoloured over 4 years, I was wondering so my front teeth all much could I have veneers over the crown... READ MORE

I had root canal on my left front tooth, the one next to it, and a filling on my right tooth. What's my best option? (Photo)

The teeth with the root canals are looking gray, yellow & my teeth don't match. My insurance approved four veneers for my four front teeth. Of course,... READ MORE

Front tooth has a cap. Whole tooth is now discolored. what are my options? (Photo)

Wrecked my bike when i was 12 and broke half my front tooth off. Had a cap put in its place. The cap has lasted 30yrs. Meaning it has not broke. My... READ MORE

Do I have veneers or bonding?

I used to have a gap then my dentist offered to close it. It was done last august, after 3 months they changed colors. I now have a new dentist same... READ MORE

Restoration for discoloration and chipped front tooth - Can I shave the halo down?

My front tooth had discoloration and a chip in it. It is currently bonded with composite but there is a halo that goes across the tooth in a curve... READ MORE

What is the best course of treatment for missing enamel, veneers?

I am 52 years old and have very straight teeth. They are discolored from taking tetracycline as a child. I used to brush my teeth too hard and have... READ MORE

Solution for brownish spot on upper front tooth?

My son is 24. His left central has a "spot" on it...like a spot from antibiotics. It really bugs him. The color has a brownish tinge. Bleaching helps... READ MORE

I have four upper crowns, one is grey, they have lumps at the back, and I have a lisp

When i rang dentist the receptionist was really rude to me and i explained the lumps at the bck she was you got crowns on the front . she was really... READ MORE

Veneer + Invisalign?

My dentist suggested a veneer for my discoloured front tooth but I really want to get Invisalign to correct my overbite. Would it be okay to get the... READ MORE

I had a bone graft done on #20 and is healing well. Today I noticed some discoloration on the gum of my #22. Any suggestions?

Would that have anything to do with the bone graft? Or am I looking at a completely different issue? The color of the rest of my gums is a bright... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; crowns, veneers, or braces? (photos)

Severe acid and grinding wear, especially on molars. Crowding in bottom front. Going to a night guard. Not sure which route to go. Braces clearly... READ MORE

I hate my teeth. What is a fast way to get my overbite and discolored teeth fixed? (photos)

I have had braces before, but my teeth shifted. my teeth are still discolored from the braces, and I hate it. I am so insecure about it. They make me... READ MORE

My front tooth is dotted with yellow. How can I get rid of it? (Photo)

I've had this yellow spot for as long as I can remember and I just want it gone. READ MORE

I have overlapping front teeth from an impact. and one of my front teeth is now dis-coloured. What are my options?

I have been to my dentist about this twice and they say they will contact me with option but they never call. The first discussion went along the... READ MORE

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