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What Are my Options in Closing my Diastema?

Am 32years old and have been living with upper and lower front gaps. The upper one is almost large enough to fit through my little finger. I have a... READ MORE

Are Both Upper and Lower Brackets Needed to Close a Diastema?

I have a rather large diastema between my two front teeth. I want to have this closed permanently and am considering having orthodontic work to do... READ MORE

What would be the solution for my teeth? (Photos)

Hello, I want to have perfect teeth. Unfortunatly, it is not the case. In fact, I have a midline upper diastema, also my left incisor tooth which is... READ MORE

Problem of diastema between my upper two teeth. (Photo)

I am 18yrs old and have a wide gap of 5mm between my front two teeth.Is it necessary to correct this gap and if there is any possibility that this gap... READ MORE

Whats the Best Treatment for Diastema?

Hi there :) I'm 22 years old and i have a diastema . I was wondering whats the best treamtent for it ?? And if I use braces now will it fix it ?? READ MORE

Can I get my diastema closed at 23? I've had a root canal and 3 fillings. (Photo)

Hi , I'm 23 and I have diastema that I want to be closed. I went to see a dentist who said I'm too old to get braces. Please give a second opinion .... READ MORE

Diastema closure to make room for buck teeth, will that be enough? (Photo)

I dont want any of my teeth removed!! I have a 3mm in the top and 5mm in the bottom diastema, and I look in the mirror and I really think that once my... READ MORE

How to go about fixing my diastema + wondering if invisalign is right for me?

I'm 22 and need a frenectomy. When I was around 11, I went to the dentist for a cleaning while I was there, I asked if I needed braces to which my... READ MORE

I have a diastema in my two front teeth but don't want to close it! could I do a flipper for when i don't need the gap? (Photos)

I am an actor so having a gap makes me not fit certain roles! I am in need of a temporary gap closer for work the cheapest route i can take, a flipper... READ MORE

Is bioclear diastema a safe detal treatment to have done for people who have a past history of gum disease?

I am looking for a suitable dental cosmetic treatment to cover my black triangle gaps which I have a few of, log time ago I used to have gum disease... READ MORE

Solutions for minor diastema due to bulimia? (Photo)

Hello, I've been bulimic on & off for 2 years (was clean this april-august). I've started to notice minor changes in my smile that are making me... READ MORE

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