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My Dentist Wants to Charge Me 54,000 for Hybrid Dentures?

Or, whole new Geneva dentures for 6,000, Is that really going to make me like my dentures, I hate wearing them. Besides the dentures, just to get the... READ MORE

I have REALLY bad teeth, haven't seen a dentist in 20 years, mostly because my EX husband didn't allow it. What are my options?

My teeth are REALLY BAD! Reason being I wasn't ALLOWED to see a dentist. My teeth feel like they have just fallen out. Would I need surgery to remove... READ MORE

Is There Any Way of Getting Rid of Denture? My 4 Front Teeth Are Denture. (photo)

I'm using denture for almost 16 years now and I'm really tired of it. Is there any dental procedure that helps me get rid of my denture? I want it to... READ MORE

Dental Surgery with Staph in my Ears? (photo)

I had a earache a few weeks ano and the dr done a culture on it and it came back as mrsa. I took the meds that she gave me for that and went back... READ MORE

What is Another Alternative to Dentures or Implants? (photo)

I have a condition where I cannot sweat. A side effect of this is having very few teeth. I have been using dentures on and off, but I find them very... READ MORE

Would it be better to get Partials or replace all my teeth with Dentures? (photos)

I live in Grove City, OH. I have severe bone loss in my back teeth and moderate bone loss in my front teeth. My dentist suggests pulling the back 3... READ MORE

I have a frontal bridge (8 teeth) on top, recently 2 teeth on the left side broke, what are my options? (Photo)

Hello, I have a frontal bridge (8 teeth) at the top that is cemented on posts, that will need to be replaced in the future as it become obsolete with... READ MORE

Can I be awake during removal of 12 teeth broken at gumline?

I was a smoker most of my life, ALL of my back teeth on upper and lower have broken off at gumline. My front teeth are mainly post and crowns, I want... READ MORE

Can I get a smile back?

I had full top dentures about 8 yrs ago and to afraid to go back as I have a phobia of dentist but when I smile it looks like I have no upper teeth I... READ MORE

Can u still get a dry socket 5 days after having all your teeth pulled on top?

I am having severe pain when I put my top denture in. the pain is at the top of the denture can run my tongue over the spots that hurt and it feels... READ MORE

Can my teeth be repaired? (Photo)

The pic I have listed is the current condition of my teeth they have been this way for quite a while as they have been neglected I'm 25 years old and... READ MORE

Wearing Dentures and My Upper Lip Has Slowly Turned Inward. Can It Be Fixed?

I started wearing dentures the same day of my surgery. After healing I was fitted with my final pair of dentures. My upper lip is almost turned into... READ MORE

Does Medicaid Pay to Fix Dentures?

My mom is 52 years old,her dog got a hold of her dentures and a few of the teeth are chewed off.Will her medicaid pay to fix her dentures? READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to Do Modes for Dentures?

How long does it take to do modes for dentures? Can I have it done in 3 weeks? READ MORE

I have dentures. The two front teeth are shorter than the back teeth. Can the front be lengthened?

Same as above. Nice white dentures but my smile looks like I'm toothless. READ MORE

Does Michigan medicaid cover dentures? I had a partial put in two years back, but that was foolish trying to save my teeth.

Now i wonder if they will not cover dentures, becuz they did cover partials. But my dentist really should have pulled them all and got me dentures in... READ MORE

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