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What Do I Do with my Very Badly Decayed Teeth?

I have very bad teeth...alot are broken off at gum line and the ones that are left are very decayed...what is my best option? READ MORE

Reattaching Broken Veneers, Is It Possible to Do at Home?

I had 4 veneers on my top front teeth. I was using methadone and my teeth started to decay. One fell off due to the decay. I still have enough tooth... READ MORE

4 Upper Front Teeth Missing to Have a Fixed Bridge?

Hi to all dentist My case is I have 4 upper front teeth missing, and I'm planning to have a fixed bridge done considering my budget. My canines have... READ MORE

Can Tooth Be Saved?

Decayed last molar/root canal/cap. Seen specialist. He said too much decay and if fixed would not last 2-3 years and have to be pulled, so pull it.... READ MORE

How Much Force (PSI) Do the Teeth Apply to Each Other when Chewing?

What causes the bone to deteriorate after teeth are removed? Does pressure on bones increase the density of the bone? What exactly attacks the bones... READ MORE

White decay on teeth has caused a small piece of my outer layer of tooth to fall off. What do I do now? (Photos)

This was caused by years of having an eating disorder & not taking proper care of my teeth. How can I take care of my teeth now? How do I reverse the... READ MORE

What Can Be Cons to Have Both - a White Filling and a Silver Filling on the Same Tooth (#2)?

I had a decay on tooth #2 under my old silver filling . My dentist used a white filling to fix the problem, yet he didn't remove the whole old silver... READ MORE

Hi I Replaced my Main Griding Teeth with a Brige- Now Black/Decaying

Hi i replaced my grinding teeth with a ceramic bridge,When doctor is fixing the bridge for better support he went on grinding the ceramic material on... READ MORE

My teeth are badly decayed especially my 2 front teeth. What approach can I take so the dentist doesn't ridicule me?

I went to see a dentist but i got humiliated and ridiculed about how bad my teeth was and never went back. I want to fix it because I get random... READ MORE

Can my teeth be saved, or would mini dental implants be a better option? (Photo)

I was wanting to know if my teeth could be saved or if I should just get upper mini dental implants. I have an open bite and decay. READ MORE

Is it normal to use permanent cement on a temporary crown?

I had decay under a permanent crown. They cut off the crown, removed the perimeter of decay, placed a temporary crown on with permanent cement, and... READ MORE

What can I do about my teeth?

My teeth are brittle and keep falling out little pieces at a time. Lots of decay in my mouth. All my insurance covers is ripping all my teeth out,... READ MORE

Pain after Temporary bridge

My 13 yrs old bridge removed due to lots of decay on the supporting tooth. And temp bridge fixed until permanent one prepare. Since temp bridge... READ MORE

My dentist recommended Veneers as a fix to tooth decay. What other options do I have to get the longest lasting results? (Photo)

I have noticed a big change in the appearance of my teeth. I have done my fair share of damage to my teeth and now I have decay on my top front 6... READ MORE

Medication from Brain Surgery is Eating Away at my Teeth - Can I Get Implants?

I am 44 years old. I had brain surgery in 2004 now I have epilepsy and the meds I am on eating my teeth can I get implants READ MORE

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