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Cosmetic Dentistry for Overlapping Teeth?

Are braces the only option for fixing overlapping teeth? About how many more visits to the office does this involve compared to people with milder... READ MORE

Will Getting Teeth Pulled Help Fix over Crowded Teeth?

I'm 16 years old and I have very crowded top and bottom teeth and an overbite but it isn't that severe. My two front teeth turn inward and my canines... READ MORE

Do I Have Long Face Syndrome? Is there anything I can do about it at this stage (I'm 27) to fix it? (photo)

I am unsure but I think that I may have long face syndrome. I had rather bad crowding of the teeth when I younger but I turned down braces because I... READ MORE

Cosmetic Contouring for Overcrowded Teeth? (photo)

Hello I am 23 years old.I have crowded and overlapping teeths as u can see from picture below.I want to correct my smile and do not wish to wear... READ MORE

Can my crowded teeth be fixed without extraction? (Photo)

I'm 18 years old and have an appointment next Tuesday for a consultation for braces. Even though I haven't had the consultation yet, the orthodontist... READ MORE

I Had 4 Bicuspid Extractions, in my Case Will It Prove Detrimental or Helpful? (photo)

I'm 19 years old, with severe crowding and slight protrusion of front teeth. READ MORE

Will Teeth Extractions Make my Smile Look Worse?

My orthodontist removed one of the very center two bottom jaw teeth, and 3 more molars (since I have two). I got it removed and I am wondering will it... READ MORE

What dental work would you recommend for me? I have crowding, crooked teeth and a gummy smile. I don't want braces. (Photo)

I have crowding on the bottom row and the 4 teeth in-between my front middle teeth, seem to be slightly higher and extremely crooked. Plus my smile if... READ MORE

Crowding- remove or not to remove first premolar? (photos)

My ortho wants to remove the first premolar on the right but, I don't want to extract. I want an altern. to keeping all of my teeth. A big concern is... READ MORE

What's the best way to align crowded teeth. How much time it requires in my case? (photo)

I'm thinking of aligning my teeth. I have my left canine a bit above the expected position and it's lying over two adjacent teeth. READ MORE

What options and price-range would be available for correcting my lower jaw? (photos)

I have lower jaw crowding which has worsened over the years and is beginning to be painful. I'd like to know what options are available to correct my... READ MORE

What are the first steps I should take to better my smile. Have a snaggletooth, crowded teeth, & gaps in my front teeth. (photo)

Still havent had my wisdom teeth taken out . 22 year old female dont have health insurance so i want to know how much it will cost if i have to pay... READ MORE

What is the best way to fix my crowding and snuggle teeth? (photos)

I had the first stages of braces when I was younger but I wanna know what would be the best and most fastest way to fix my teeth READ MORE

I want to correct the alignment of my teeth without extractions. Is it possible? (Photo)

The crowding in the lower anteriors has been causing my mouth to feel sore. I don't want to get my premolars extracted. READ MORE

I'm 25 years old with crowded teeth. Is extraction mandatory for correcting my teeth? (photos)

I m 25 years old with crowded teeth . Is extraction mandatory for correcting my teeth. How long approx the procedure would take place for the... READ MORE

Best way to improve my smile? Can this be achieved given my maxillary seemed to be too retracted due to teeth extraction?(photo)

I had braces when i was 13. a tooth was extracted on mandibular since according to my dentist it is the only solution for crowding. he predicted... READ MORE

Were maxillary 1st premolar extractions necessary in my case? I have severe crowding, overbite and overjet. (photos)

I had my upper first premolars taken out to accommodate neighboring teeth. Could this have been avoided with some sort of palatal expansion? Or was it... READ MORE

I've been wondering about cosmetic dentistry. So i guess my question is what are some affordable options out there? (photo)

There is a lot of crowding on the bottom which makes flossing difficult and the top teeth are not too bad but there is some misalignment and overbite.... READ MORE

What's the estimated time and cost to fix my condition? What options do I have? (photos)

I haven't seen an orthodontist yet, but I'm pretty sure I need braces. I'm 24 and I've had one tooth extraction. I think the dentist I saw a few years... READ MORE

My teeth are too crowded. How can I get them straight? (Photo)

I need staight teeth an a good smile help me and i'm already using removable braces but not seeing any change READ MORE

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