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Reducing the Size of my Two Front Teeth and Closing the Gap? (photo)

I would like to know if its possible to reduce the size of my two front teeth and close the gap and the cost. I am 35 years and I think I also do have... READ MORE

About How Much Does Overjet Correction Cost, and How Long Does It Take?

Im 22 years old and havent been to the dentist for about 6 years, Ive always took good care of my teeth, brushing, flossing etc. and ive had only one... READ MORE

How much do spring retainers cost? (photo)

So I had Braces forgot taken off in 2009. I had a fixed retainer cement on my top teeth due to previously having a large gap. my dentist wants to file... READ MORE

I Want to Flatten my Top Sharp 'Canine' Teeth. How Much Should Should This Cost Per Tooth?

I'd like to make my canine teeth less fang like. What are my optionsand what would it approximately cost per tooth? Thanks! READ MORE

I Want The Look Of Buck Teeth, How Can This Be Achieved?

How can I find an orthodontist willing to give me buck teeth and charge the normal price? So far, none will do it but one and he wanted $7000 without... READ MORE

How do I improve the look of my smile? My teeth are not level and there's a small gap between my two front teeth. (Photo)

Hello, I have a question regarding the aesthetics of my teeth. I have a couple pictures of my smile right now and a picture of how I want them to be.... READ MORE

What Will Help Pull my Teeth Inward and Give Me a Close to Perfect Side Profile? (photo)

I hate the way my teeth protrude from the side view. If I relax my mouth and close my lips, they part on their own because of the way my teeth are. My... READ MORE

Are Dental Implant Costs Negotiable? If So, What is the Best Way to Approach Negotiating the Price?

I understand cheaper is not better. But I have a budget. I'm wondering what is the best way to approach my dentist for a lower cost than what was... READ MORE

My Dentist Wants to Charge Me 54,000 for Hybrid Dentures?

Or, whole new Geneva dentures for 6,000, Is that really going to make me like my dentures, I hate wearing them. Besides the dentures, just to get the... READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Teeth Malformation?

I have spaces in my teeth because I have had teeth pulled in the past & my teeth spaced out, and I am wondering how much it does it normally cost... READ MORE

How can I fix this mess without braces? (photos)

I don't care if they have to be cut out, fake stuff glued on, or what, but I don't want my mouth to be full of metal or "invisible" braces. With a gap... READ MORE

What can I do to make my gums even? (photos)

Since I've gotten my braces off, my gum line has been a point of complexity for me. The unevenness makes my smile appear a bit crooked and was... READ MORE

Adin implants?

Are adin implants a good choice. The cost range varies by doctor but is the cheaper doctor as good? READ MORE

My front teeth are not leveled. How much will it cost me to have it fixed? (Photo)

I desperately want to fix it without spending a lot of money. I don't want to live with this anymore. Every time I smile, laugh, talk.....People see... READ MORE

My teeth has a gap of 2.5 to 3mm on top front teeth. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

What are my options and estimate prices and timescale for treatment. Also would it be possible to get a retainer to be worn at night only to close the... READ MORE

What's the Average Cost of a Three-tooth CEREC Bridge?

What is the estimated out-of-pocket cost of a three-tooth CEREC bridge for a patient without dental insurance?Is it really in the cost range of... READ MORE

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