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Surgical Extraction of Wisdom Tooth Hole Remains. How Do I Correct This?

Had a surgical lower extraction 8 weeks ago, I was in recovery for 4 4rs, bleeding badly and local anesthetic had migrated to my throat causing... READ MORE

How can my teeth be corrected as it's not in level with upper and lower teeth? (photos)

How can my teeth be corrected as it's not in level with upper and lower teeth. When I smile much of the right side teeth cannot be seen as well with... READ MORE

I'm 25 years old with crowded teeth. Is extraction mandatory for correcting my teeth? (photos)

I m 25 years old with crowded teeth . Is extraction mandatory for correcting my teeth. How long approx the procedure would take place for the... READ MORE

Can positioners after braces correct relapse?

After I got my braces taken off, I was given a positioner. Unfortunately, I often forgot to use it or I was lazy. So now, three of my bottom teeth... READ MORE

is it possible for my lower jaw to grow after having veneers to correct class 3 underbite?

I had mild underbite so dentist asked me to go for vineer.I had 4 vineers done on my top 4 teeth and my bottom five teeths were grinded abit so that... READ MORE

Does accelerated orthodontics fix an over bite?

My top teeth have an over bite and I was wondering if accelerated orthodontics can help with that. Also how long would it take to correct it ? My over... READ MORE

My 9 year old has a slight underbite. What appliances are used to correct the condition?

My 9 year old has a slight underbite (not genetic) other than a palatial expander, what appliances are used to correct the condition? READ MORE

How much time does it take to correct my buck teeth? (Photo)

I m 22 year old I have a buck teeth and space in between of teeth, I want to know how much time it takes to get the prefect teeth? READ MORE

Ways to correct jaw after tooth extractions and Braces?

I stupidly did not research when I was told that I needed tooth extractions. I know now that most orthodontists say that you should get a second... READ MORE

About 3 years ago I chipped my front tooth and I guess the dentist bonded them together? Options to fix? (photo)

Well I've as you can see one is longer and looks weird when I smile. It looks like it goes up higher than the other .I also have one crooked tooth as... READ MORE

Recommended Orthodontic Treatment for crowded front teeth and recessed gum? (photos)

I have crooked teeth due to overcrowding. It seems like my jaw doesn't have enough room for all my teeth. My wisdom teeth are just barely in, with... READ MORE

Can I Correct a Class 2 bite with an implant already placed? (Photos)

I had braces a while ago and ended with an overjet and overbite. I was not completely satisfied, however my entire family and orthodontist said it... READ MORE

Can my crowding and overjet be corrected without extraction (29 years old)? (Photo)

I am 29 and had been contemplating getting braces for years but never trusted dentist from where I came from, now recently having moved to the US I... READ MORE

How many times would you return a dental bridge to lab for corrections before having it redone?

I had a porcleain dental bridge done and within three weeks a piece broke off. Dentist redid it and now this one doesn't fit right and causing pain. I... READ MORE

Do I need to get my crossbite corrected? (Photo)

I had braces for a year because of delayed milk tooth extraction. Ever since I got my braces removed, I've been obsessing over my teeth. During the... READ MORE

My teeth: I have two upper lateral incisors. What is the best way to correct them without damaging the tooth?

My two upper lateral incision one is inward a lot and the other is outward little. I had one dr.'s opinion and he want to give me a "crown" witch it... READ MORE

What surgeries will I need? My top set of teeth seem to protrude outwards - sidewards. (photos)

Do i need overbite correction or is this because of my weak chin? I also seem to have some gap between the two front teeth. Thanks. READ MORE

Broken tooth, teeth gap, imperfect jaw position. I want a normal teeth set. What should I do. (photos)

I have got a rabbit tooth with lot of gap. I think I also have a milk tooth canine in bottom. There are gaps in my teeth. My front tooth broke when I... READ MORE

My doctor says my midline can't be corrected. Is it true for some cases? How could it be corrected? (Photo)

My doctor says my midline cannot be corrected, so you tell me can my midline be if yes should i tell my doctor not to remove my braces or should i go... READ MORE

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