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Will a Deep Cleaning Reverse Gum Disease? And What is the Best Way to Tighten Pockets?

Will a Deep Cleaning Reverse Gum Disease? And What is the Best Way to Tighten Pockets? READ MORE

How Do You Clean Stained Composite Veneers?

I have composite veneers and they have been stained. Can they be cleaned? How? They are very yellow and have been on my teeth for one year. READ MORE

I have 3 to 4 loose teeth any suggestions?

Just had periodontal cleaning all quadrants i do know i have bone loss in lower jaw the loose teeth are in the front READ MORE

DENTIST ADVICE: brown stains on well brushed/white front teeth? Will whitening tooth paste remove them?

Hello, I had my teeth scaled and cleaned during a general check up about 1 month ago. My teeth are otherwise white (ish) and in good health. However... READ MORE

Dental Work/teeth Cleaning Do I Need Antiibiotics?

This is really gross but I have not been to the dentist in a LONG TIME. I brush and floss regularly but have a dental phobia and getting my teeth... READ MORE

Fillings - Washing? When will they fall? What can eat?

Hi , i went to the doctor because i found alot of brown stuff on the back of my two front teeth .. he said that they were wearing of so fast .. so he... READ MORE

My Sons Tooth Has Shifted in a Lot Since His Cleaning. What Could Cause That?

Took my son to get teeth cleaned today and on the way home he said smthg wasn't right. His bottom tooth had shifted in. He is complaining of pain also... READ MORE

What can I do about this staining margin one of my veneers? (Photo)

Seems since having the restoration placed over a year ago that seems to be some recession. It's becoming more noticeable. Should I return to the... READ MORE

Can I eat all kind of food after one month of my operation and can I hit gym ?

I am 24 yrs dentist said I have bone loss because of unhygienic oral cleaning and she said that my dwindled bones should be corrected by bone... READ MORE

I have periodontal disease, what are my options? (Photos)

My bottom two teeth have receding gums very bad, I don't want to loose my teeth. My dentist just told me to get the deep cleaning but that's it. I got... READ MORE

Will my teeth fall out with a deep clean? (Photo)

I have been told I have gum disease and my teeth will fall out in 5 years if nothing is done. I was told I need a deep clean but the dentist I seen... READ MORE

Dentures or Deep Gum Cleaning For Perionditis? I need to make a decision soon.

I have been diagnosed with perionditis by (2) dentists and told by both alot of bone loss, I have been told by (1) dentist to extract the botton front... READ MORE

What's the total cost for cleaning and replacing lost teeth? (Photo)

I have developed perodental disease, m y local dentist has advised to pull 4 teeth out( 3 front ). what are the total cost for teeth cleaning and... READ MORE

How do you decide what kind of dentist to go to?

I went to my dentist who I've always trusted and he said that my mouth was a mess. I'm 51 and have had a lot of issues with my teeth. He said I had... READ MORE

What is the procedure for filling up spaces to strengthen teeth after scaling?

I've seen that after cleaning tartar, the teeth become loose because that holding material is gone. So is there any filling up procedure available... READ MORE

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