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Extreme Swelling in Top Lip After Dental Block; 4 Days Later, Still Completely Numb? (photo)

After the doctor injected dental block under my top lip, right top lip swelled up, the doctor said it was normal. I got injections twice before with D... READ MORE

Why does my tooth hurt after a composite filling?

About 2 weeks ago I had a small cavity filled on my right premoler and ever since I got it filled my whole tooth/jaw under my tooth has been sore and... READ MORE

How Much Force (PSI) Do the Teeth Apply to Each Other when Chewing?

What causes the bone to deteriorate after teeth are removed? Does pressure on bones increase the density of the bone? What exactly attacks the bones... READ MORE

Constant pain after crown, root canal and finally tooth extraction! What could be causing the pain?

My 15 had a crown (for a chip). Afterward, I experienced a constant achy, throbbing, burning sensation. Had it adjusted several times, a root canal... READ MORE

DENTIST ADVICE: brown stains on well brushed/white front teeth? Will whitening tooth paste remove them?

Hello, I had my teeth scaled and cleaned during a general check up about 1 month ago. My teeth are otherwise white (ish) and in good health. However... READ MORE

My left lateral incisor is significantly smaller than my right. What caused this and how can I fix it? (Photo)

My teeth were very crowded before orthodontic treatment began. I never noticed this until my teeth had evened out. What could have caused this... READ MORE

Is it okay that my veneers shift a little bit? I am positive that it happens when I play saxophone. (Photo)

I am a classical saxophonist going into my master's degree program. A few years ago I got porcelain veneers placed on my teeth. My teeth feel weak and... READ MORE

What causes big teeth for age

My boy 12 year old have been told that his teeth are bigger for his age, what can be the cause? READ MORE

My teeth are breaking at the gum line. I have had 6 in 8 month. Why is it happening and how can I stop it?

I don't know what's happening dentist can't figure out why and it's happening so fast and I don't have money to replace them READ MORE

I have horrible morning breath trapped in my night appliance after getting my new lower crowns, do they need to be redone?

Six weeks ago I had permanent crowns on the lower molars. I wear a night appliance on both the upper & lower teeth. After the permanent lower crowns... READ MORE

Could Night Guard Be Causing Irritation in Cheeks and Lips?

Have some irritation in my cheeks and the inside of my lip -- could my night guard be causing this? I've worn this guard for some time but it seems to... READ MORE

How can I fix my smile? One tooth is longer than the other.

Hi! First of al, I just wanna say that I really appreciate what you guys are doing here! Thanks! Anyway, my braces were removed like 1 year back and I... READ MORE

Tooth feels thinner at the bottom & appears translucent after dentist filled a cavity at the top of tooth. Why did this happen?

Tooth feels much "thinner" at the bottom & appears translucent after dentist filled a cavity at the top of the tooth. There was no reason for him to... READ MORE

Can external resorption be caused by the tools dental hygenist uses for cleaning?

I am 41yrs, I have all my teeth no cavities or fillings. I take pride in keeping a healthy set of teeth. Oh did I mention that I have all my teeth :-)... READ MORE

Follow-up: Is this short face syndrome or weak chin and jaw? Zero upper teeth show

WONDERING if I've got short face syndrome or a combo of things like weak chin/jaw, odd lips (unsure how to describe??). I DO have a large nose, weak... READ MORE

Off centre teeth and uneven bite - what causes this and what are my options? (Photo)

Hi, I have an uneven bite - my upper front teeth overlaps the bottom asymmetrically. I have always had off centre teeth (1 tooth is missing from one... READ MORE

What caused this gap in my teeth? (photos)

I recently noticed a space next to my front tooth. My dentist recently did full mouth X-rays and said there was no bone loss. I do, however, have gum... READ MORE

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