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Can i remove my canine tooth? (Photo)

I know that removal of canine teeth is a big no no because it can cause your face profile to change and tmj and other issues. However he believes my... READ MORE

What can I do about my canine teeth?

My canine teeth at the top & bottom are quite pointy and not as 'square' shaped as the rest of my teeth. With them being quite pointy it looks as... READ MORE

I Want to Flatten my Top Sharp 'Canine' Teeth. How Much Should Should This Cost Per Tooth?

I'd like to make my canine teeth less fang like. What are my optionsand what would it approximately cost per tooth? Thanks! READ MORE

I am 24 years old and still have my baby canine teeth. What options are there for me? (Photo)

Hello I still have my baby canine teeth. I was told by my dentist that I need braces but I suffer from TMJ and worry that if at some point I do get... READ MORE

Looking to "fix" protruding canine teeth. Are veneers or Invisalign or something else? (photo)

My two canine teeth are really the only teeth I have any issue with and they make me very self conscious, it's looks like they're too big since... READ MORE

What is the differences between first premolar and second premolar extraction?

I need to get four premolars extracted before putting on braces. My orthodontist suggested 4 first premolar extraction. I am wondering why the first... READ MORE

19 years old with a canine baby tooth (Photo)

I'm 19 and I still have a canine baby tooth which has become loose and protruded. I went for an x-ray and it showed that the root is present but it... READ MORE

What can be done to fix my high canine teeth? (Photo)

I'm 17 years old and I'm due to have braces this year (I hope) as I've been waiting 2 years for my self esteem to build up to actually go to the... READ MORE

I'm 19 and I still have a canine baby tooth.

I'm almost 19 and I still have a canine baby tooth which has become loose now and kind of protruded. I went for and x-ray and it showed that the root... READ MORE

Can I remove my upper right canine tooth? Or is there any other way to bring it down/fix it without braces? (Photo)

My right canine tooth is very up high in my gums and it is very visible even when I just slightly open my mouth. I have no money for braces and decide... READ MORE

Treatment for Large Upper Canine Biting into my Lower Lip? (photo)

I have enlarged canines. The one on upper jaw right is particularly large and has pushed the next incisor in. I have been living with that for 50... READ MORE

Pointy canine teeth. What can i do about it ?

My canines are pointy and a bit longer than the surrounding teeth and it looks weird. What are some methods to make them more aesthetic? READ MORE

My oversized teeth push my lower lip out; Is it possible to shave them down or will my smile look worse? (photo)

As seen in pic, lower canine on both sides makes my lower lip "bump out" when i smile. the more i smile....the more the oversized teeth push lower... READ MORE

What are my options for closing a large gap between an incisor and canine? (Photo)

Over the years, a gap between my left lateral incisor and canine has grown, and I'm not comfortable with it. It's starting to look as though I'm... READ MORE

How to achieve a perfect smile? Canines grown in lateral incisors' place, baby canines still in place, crooked teeth (Photo)

Problems: canines have grown in my laterals' place, while baby canines are still in their original place; crooked central incisors. I have been... READ MORE

My tooth is grey but isn't dead. If I got braces, would this affect my treatment?

6 months ago one of my side canines became darker than the rest of my teeth. I have been to see a private root canal specialist after a number of... READ MORE

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