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Can I Get Veneers if my Teeth Are Not Straight?

I went to my dds and I was looking to get lumineers but he said that I need invisalign first. Now I don't want lumis because you still need to... READ MORE

Can Veneers Fix my Allignment? (photo)

I had a tooth extracted when I was younger from my top row before I had braces put on due to overcrowding. I feel like it has severely impacted the... READ MORE

I Have Spacing Issues, as Well as Periodontal Disease. Is Comestic Treatment Right for Me?

I'm 20 years old and have always had problems with my teeth. My folks never really made an issue about it just the regular dental visits and such.... READ MORE

Can Veneers Be Done If Teeth Are Not Straight?

My teeth are not bad just a little crooked I can live with them but I don't like them. Also what places do you suggest me go see for a... READ MORE

What Criteria Makes Porcelain Veeners an Option for Some People?

Why wouldn't someone be a good candidate for porcelain veeners? READ MORE

Can my buck teeth be fixed? (Photo)

Hi, I'm 18 years old and I have really bad teeth. Growing up I developed really bad buck teeth, all of my baby teeth were very late in falling out,... READ MORE

Can I reduce (lower) the size of my front teeth? I need this (Photo)

Can i lower the front teeths size to the line with others teeth and all that will be normal and esteticaly good? because they are a bit larger than... READ MORE

Worn out enamel. What are my treatment options?

The enamel on my teeth is worn out. I can see yellow, hollowed spots on several teeth. The teeth are sensitive to sugar, like an electric current,... READ MORE

How much could my teeth benefit aesthetically from tooth contouring? (Photo)

I am curious about tooth contouring as a way to improve the appearance of my teeth and smile. Should the front two teeth be shortened slightly? Will... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for enamelplasty or recontouring? (Photo)

I chipped my tooth on a glass bottle when I was about 9. I'm 22 now and it keeps me from showing my teeth in pictures. I also think my teeth are a bit... READ MORE

How can I fix my smile to be more perfect? (Photo)

Do I start with braces or teeth whitening or bonding or laser gum contouring or crowns? I don't have any clue where to start!!! The least expensive... READ MORE

Who is a candidate for composite veneers?

My dentist says that I do not have enough enamel on my teeth for composite veneers and also they are worn down so he recommends crowns. I would rather... READ MORE

Would my two front teeth be considered large enough to be reshaped and made smaller? (Photo)

I've always hated my two front teeth and they have stopped me from wanting to smile with my mouth open as I feel they look to large and goofy. Would... READ MORE

Should I get my teeth filed down? (Photo)

I would love an honest and expert opinion. Do you think I would benefit from teeth contouring (filing down my teeth). I am very insecure about the... READ MORE

Can the side of my molar be fixed? (Photo)

I went to a dentist back in February of 2014. She said I had a tiny cavity between my top molar and the premolar on the inner right side of my mouth.... READ MORE

Every dentist I go to recommends costly dental veneers. Given the picture of my teeth, what is my best treatment option? (photo)

I'm a college student looking to have a better smile. With the attached picture, what's the most affordable and effective procedure to correct my... READ MORE

What can I do to fix my oval teeth? (Photo)

I recently have been to a number of consultations. I told the dentist about how I do not like my shape and they try to convince me otherwise. One... READ MORE

What can I do to shorten my long teeth? Please help (Photo)

I am so unhappy with the long size of my teeth. I had my 2 front teeth filed down by a dentist but I still feel that they are too fact, I feel... READ MORE

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