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I Have Very Big Upper Incisors (Look Like Buck Teeth) How Can I Make Them Smaller? (photo)

I would like to get my teeth made smaller to get a confident smile, for the first time! Ive had braces and i am now 24, i shouldnt have to live with... READ MORE

I Want The Look Of Buck Teeth, How Can This Be Achieved?

How can I find an orthodontist willing to give me buck teeth and charge the normal price? So far, none will do it but one and he wanted $7000 without... READ MORE

What Can Cosmetic Dentristy Do to Help Buck Teeth?

What options offer relatively painless treatments? READ MORE

How to fix my protruding/horse looking teeth? (Photo)

I have straight teeth but however I do not like the overbite horse looking appearance that I have when I smile I am looking to fix this issue as soon... READ MORE

Best Way to Fix my Bucky-bunny Teeth? (photo)

My front teeth are longer than the rest and stick out, one further than the other. I had braces when I was 10, I'm 23 now, but never completed the... READ MORE

Can my buck teeth be fixed? (Photo)

Hi, I'm 18 years old and I have really bad teeth. Growing up I developed really bad buck teeth, all of my baby teeth were very late in falling out,... READ MORE

Is there any way my teeth could be more slim? (Photo)

My teeth are buck squares. they look awful and I hate my smile. Is there any way I would get them slimmed on the sides and then maybe braces? I'd do... READ MORE

How can I get my buck teeth shortened? (Photo)

I went to a dentist to get my front two teeth shortened because they are very long although their shape is perfect.....but he told me if i got them... READ MORE

I have buck teeth that are driving me nuts. What would be the best solution the fix the buck teeth that isn't braces? (photo)

My buck teeth are not that bad so i dont wish to get braces best solution to fix this that isnt braces or invisilign? or will i need braces or... READ MORE

Smile/teeth are set back and sit too deep in my face/mouth? Biobloc? Other Appliances? (photo)

My arch does not project and I noticed that my front teeth and later incisors are very flat with no projection. Would palate expansion fix this? And,... READ MORE

Bad teeth help? - Front buck teeth are both crooked and twisted (photos)

My years of pirating have forced me too neglect my teeth, It's about time I docked in to my local Orthodontist.My two front buck teeth are both... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for my teeth? (photos)

What should i do? I had braces and i still doin the ack of my mouth. They are still buck! My mouth portrudes and i dont like it! READ MORE

Why do my top front teeth protrude so much? (photos)

Regardless of when i clench my teeth, smile or chew, my front teeth are always outer(?) then my bottom teeth. When I talk, sing or laugh my two front... READ MORE

How much time does it take to correct my buck teeth? (Photo)

I m 22 year old I have a buck teeth and space in between of teeth, I want to know how much time it takes to get the prefect teeth? READ MORE

Diastema closure to make room for buck teeth, will that be enough? (Photo)

I dont want any of my teeth removed!! I have a 3mm in the top and 5mm in the bottom diastema, and I look in the mirror and I really think that once my... READ MORE

How can I treat my buck teeth without using braces? (Photo)

I have buck teeth or overbite so can it be treated without using braces READ MORE

I hate myself right now, my bucked teeth are making my life a misery (Photo)

Can you please help and suggest what treatment I need to straighten my front teeth. I am petrified of the dentist I no longer smile READ MORE

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