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Root Canal involving a Bridge?

What is the process if a root canal is needed in one of the teeth holding the bridge? READ MORE

What Are the Most Common Bridge Complications?

Are there any serious complications from bridges? Are bridges safer than dental implants? For those active in contact sports, would it be a concern to... READ MORE

How Often Should a Fixed Dental Bridge be Flossed for Proper Hygiene?

What are the side effects of not flossing enough or flossing too much? READ MORE

Why is It Important to Replace a Missing Tooth?

What happens if a tooth pulled is never replaced? What cosmetic dentistry procedures are recommended? READ MORE

Do Orthodontics Provide Dental Bridges? How Long Does It Take?

I have a couple questions pertaining to the one above as well. First off, do orthodontics provide dental bridges? If so, how long does it take to... READ MORE

4 Upper Front Teeth Missing to Have a Fixed Bridge?

Hi to all dentist My case is I have 4 upper front teeth missing, and I'm planning to have a fixed bridge done considering my budget. My canines have... READ MORE

Can I Sell an Old Dental Bridge or Use the Same Material for a New Bridge?

I hav dental bridges for 6 front teeth and 4 abutment teeth. 10 teeth in total. It's expensive. But i want to improve the alignment of the bridge... READ MORE

Dental Bridge Flossing Resulting in Bleeding?

My 20 yr dental bridge which was never flossed was replaced by one which must be flossed this ok when i floss i always have blood on the... READ MORE

Do You Lose Your Upper Lip After Having an Upper Bridge on Four Front Teeth?

Do You Lose Your Upper Lip After Having an Upper Bridge on Four Front Teeth I am devastated because i had four upper bridge done 6 days ago. I... READ MORE

PFM Bridge with Metal Chewing Surface Adjustment? (photo)

I got a 3-unit bridge for teeth #2, 3, 4 with porcelain on the buccal side and metal on the lingual side and chewing surface. In rest position it... READ MORE

Should I Do Implant (Expensive) or Fixed Bridges (Less Expensive)?

I have about a 4mm gap between my two front bottom teeth. I decided to get it close since Im still 19. I thought it was alittle gap and went to see... READ MORE

How To Ensure That Dental Bridges Won't Cause Bone Loss or Harm To Real Teeth?

Do dental bridges can have harmful effects in my mouth such as tooth decay of the teeth next to the bridge or wearing away of the bone under the... READ MORE

Why Are Dental Bridges Replaced?

What are some of the reasons why a dental bridge would need to be replaced? Did the presence of the bridge cause these problems? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a Natural Looking Dental Bridge for Front Teeth?

Is it possible to have a dental bridge match the rest of the front teeth so it doesn't look obvious? What's involved in getting a great looking bridge? READ MORE

Dental Bridges - Can 4 Abutment Teeth Be Enough for 7 Pontic Teeth?

I would like to have dental bridges for my 7 upper front teeth. Can 4 abutment teeth enough to be able to hold the 7 pontic teeth? How long will it... READ MORE

What's the Average Cost of a Three-tooth CEREC Bridge?

What is the estimated out-of-pocket cost of a three-tooth CEREC bridge for a patient without dental insurance?Is it really in the cost range of... READ MORE

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