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Is it possible to fix a hole in a tooth near the gum line when the rest of the tooth is intact?

I have a bottom tooth front and center in my mouth that felt like it had something stuck in it near the gum line, so I reach in the pick it out and... READ MORE

Black Triangle Gap in Lower Front Bottom Teeth - Cosmetic Solution? (photo)

I have periodontal disease and I have a black triangle gap in my lower front teeth. It looks worse after getting cleaned. Is there anything I can do... READ MORE

My gums on my bottom front teeth are receding. What does it mean if my gums are white below the teeth, and can gums grow back?

Between these two teeth are a are small gap at the bottom (The top third of my exposed tooth is still touching). I went to the school dentist for a... READ MORE

My bottom teeth slant inwards creating sunken in smile. Is there any solution to this? (Photo)

I've noticed over the years my bottom teeth have really slanted inward making my smile look sunken in and stretching my already thin lips out to make... READ MORE

Is it possible to push your top teeth out with your bottom teeth?

Im having alot of anxiety about my 2 front teeth been pushed out by my bottom teeth while asleep. they are not loose or anything like that but its... READ MORE

Should I get some of my teeth shaved down to improve my appearance? They are crowded, but I don't want Invisalign (Photo)

Even though I had braces years ago, my bottom teeth ended up being crowded with one tooth in particular pushed back too far. I can't afford Invisalign... READ MORE

Overbite, unstraight bottom teeth and crooked front tooth? (photos)

Hi! I have always hated my teeth and at 22, I would like to get braces. Would this be an easy fix? I also hate my 'bunny teeth', would braces make... READ MORE

Can my teeth be re-aligned so that I would have a normal bite when I move my lower jaw forward? It makes my side profile better.

When I was 13, I extracted 2 upper teeth for braces which I wore for 2 years. I'm 22 now and have a highly receding chin which ruins my side profile.... READ MORE

I had filling in top and bottom teeth. I'm having a lot pain in my jaw and can't open my mouth wide. Is this normal?

I'm having apt of pain in my jaw and can't open my mouth wide at all sometimes it's feels like I'm being shocked and my pain gets worse in the mid... READ MORE

Very painful receding gum line, is surgery needed? (Photo)

My gums started to recede from my front bottom teeth shortly after I had my braces off when I was 17. My dentist urged me since to consult with a... READ MORE

When i talk my upper teeth aren't noticable why is that?

When i talk my upper teeth aren't visible at all could braces fix this? also my left part of my upper teeth is slightly higher than the right side. i... READ MORE

My front bottom teeth are worn down, how should this problem be approached? (photo)

Hi All my button front teeth are worn down from grinding and bite issues, I've been wearing a partial for a few years now. I got some implants on top... READ MORE

Can a retainer close this gap for me? (photos)

I have a really small gap on my bottom teeth. How can I make it go away? READ MORE

What kind of procedure is recommend for small gap in bottom row teeth? (Photo)

I have a small gap in between my front bottom row teeth that I'm self conscious of. I did have two of my back row teeth pulled out two years ago. And... READ MORE

My bottom tooth is overlapping my upper tooth. Is there a way to fix it? (Photo)

I have an overbite but for some reason my tooth Is pushed back? Is there any way to fix this? READ MORE

How bad have my bottom teeth receded? Is it reversible or fixable? Are my teeth going to fall out? (photos)

When I was 13 I stopped going to the dentist. I was never encouraged me to floss my teeth as a child so I never did. I avoided brushing my teeth as... READ MORE

Is it normal for braces to cause your teeth to flare? (Photo)

I just got my Damon braces removed yesterday and are having concerns with the results! I wore them for 18 months and now my top and bottom teeth flare... READ MORE

My bottom teeth are more visible than my top teeth when I smile. What are my options? (Photo)

I am 15 years old and my smile has always been only of my bottom row of teeth and there has always only been a slight view of the top. I noticed that... READ MORE

I have receding gums under the front bottom teeth. How does the treatment work? (Photo)

I have had a deep clean but the dentist said they were to far to do gum surgery and lost a lot of the bone from the middle of tooth down . He said... READ MORE

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