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I Have Hypocalcification and Weak Enamel. Is It Better to Get Veneers or Bonding?

I'm a 32 yr old Female. I've had bonding on my front teeth before but it only covered part of the teeth and has now formed a discoloured line between... READ MORE

What is a permanent solution for fixing tooth gap apart from bonding, veneers and such?

I've been wearing my retainers for two years now but every time I take them out my gap starts to open up . The bolt reason that I'm concerned is... READ MORE

I hate my teeth. Both of my front teeth are bonded. What can I do to get nice straight teeth? (photos)

Aside from the bonding, the teeth on both sides of my front teeth have a rounded shape making it impossible for me to have nice straight teeth. What... READ MORE

Got my braces off but need more work. Any advice? (photos)

Got my braces off today. Had huge gap where I had bonding put on in 1999 but it started opening again. Got braces to remove bonding n close gap but... READ MORE

My teeth needfixed, but dentists disagree OR push veneers? (Photos)

My teeth have always been small, thin, & some small chips, but dentists never agree to file or use composite to fix saying "it looks fine enough" OR... READ MORE

Bleaching Teeth, a Couple Have Bonding, Should the Bonding Be Removed Before Bleaching and Veneers?

I want to get veneers on my front 4 teeth. My 4th-6th tooth on the top on each side have bonding on them near the gum because my gum was receding and... READ MORE

Are caps the best choice for someone who has ground their front teeth and enamel down to yellow? (Photo)

My top front teeth were replaced with caps. my bottom teeth, however, has the enamel worn off to a yellow color. the dentist suggested bonding, but... READ MORE

I chip my Rt front tooth 7 yrs ago and had it filed down. Now the right tooth is shorter than the left. Any suggestion? (photo)

The chip was in the center & went slightly above and between mamilons that I had. The dentist filed it down past the mamilons but you can still see... READ MORE

Will contouring and bonding be enough or do I need orthodontics? (Photo)

I want to know if bonding and contouring will be enough or if I require orthodontics again? I am unhappy with the way my smile looks, to me it is:... READ MORE

Any Cosmetic Dentists in NY or Surrounding Areas Can Help Please? (photo)

I would like my teeth them (mainly the two fronts and the "vampire teeth") to be filed down evenly. Also the small spaces filled in between. I just... READ MORE

Gum Tissue. Recently Had Bonding Replaced With Veneers?

I recently had bonding replaced with veneers about a week ago. I noticed that there is a small open space at the top between my front teeth. My... READ MORE

My dentist is recommending root canal and capping all six of my front top teeth, Is this the best solution?

I have bonding on all six of my front top teeth because I have cavities there. I need to have the bonding touched up every year, even multiple times... READ MORE

I feel discomfort in veneer tooth. Could it be caused by incorrect bonding?

Got 2 front veneers a month ago. I always feel discomfort in my left veneer. It happened in a week after getting them. Before I felt also pressure and... READ MORE

I had braces for 26 months, and bonding on the sides of my top middle teeth. My teeth feel awkward. What are my options? (Photo)

What can be done to make my smile more natural? Do I need additional orthodontic work for a straighter more natural smile? READ MORE

I have 4 front teeth implants and they are too small. is it possible to bond them or do a veneer to make them longer?

When I smile my upper teeth do not reach my lower lip and you see more of my lower teeth then the upper teeth.when I talk you cannot see a lot of... READ MORE

What options should I consider to improve my smile? (Photo)

Currently I do have braces which will be coming off in 6 weeks. I would like to further improve my smile without spending a fortune. My dentist... READ MORE

Could I have my sharp canine teeth filed down? How much would it cost? (Photo)

I have fang like canine teeth and am wondering if I am able to file them or get a bond on the shorter teeth to make them proportionate. Also how much... READ MORE

I would like to know what can be done to fix my teeth. Veneers, crowns or bonding? (Photo)

I suffered from bulimia as a teenager through my early 20's. The enamel has worn away on my front teeth. I have some sensitivity in the teeth as well.... READ MORE

What can I do about my impacted teeth? (Photo)

I'm 21y/I with 4 impacted teeth all up top including 2 canines which are really small noticeable and makes my smile look awful. How long will a DNA... READ MORE

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