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Dental Bridge Flossing Resulting in Bleeding?

My 20 yr dental bridge which was never flossed was replaced by one which must be flossed this ok when i floss i always have blood on the... READ MORE

Can I Have Some Advice on What to Do and What Payment Options I Have? (photo)

40yrs male, smoke lightly on and off for the past 12yrs due to stress. Had infected gum since 2004 but no action taken. Teeth #25 fail in '08, #29 in... READ MORE

My Gums Are Bleeding So Bad and my Teeth Are Very Loose Will Medicaid Pay to Have Them Pulled?

I live in the state of georgia...i need some help for this hurting mouth. READ MORE

Did my dentist make the right decision for my front teeth repairs? Should I have gotten a crown? (Photo)

I got hit by a soccer ball today in the face which knocked my right front tooth out of socket, and chipped it, and also chipped the left front tooth... READ MORE

What can I do to get my gums healthier?

I have been having pain with my gum for a while (6 years no dental insurance). After my tooth extraction, I went back in for a cleaning and he said my... READ MORE

A lot of my top front teeth are loose. Is there anything I can do to save them?

I am only 17 but I'm scared of loosing my teeth. My gums are bleeding and are very painful but the scary thing is that my teeth are very loose I can... READ MORE

I need to have an eye-tooth reshaped, but have no gums surrounding the tooth. Can it be done?

Two years ago (I am diabetic) I developed a horrible gum disease. Gums bled, teeth loosened and my eye-tooth on the left side began to elongate in the... READ MORE

My teeth/gum is sensitive, what is the cause of this?

Yesterday, while brushing my teeth they started to bleed. I had to swoosh some warm water in my mouth and spit a few times then the bleeding stopped.... READ MORE

Any suggestions one my middle teeth, do i have to remove it or there is another way to solve dis problems?

When i 10 years old itself, when my new teeth growing time itself it rotate inwards.. and now my gums bleeding continually, i ask doctor advice... READ MORE

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