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Dental Bridge Flossing Resulting in Bleeding?

My 20 yr dental bridge which was never flossed was replaced by one which must be flossed this ok when i floss i always have blood on the... READ MORE

Can I Have Some Advice on What to Do and What Payment Options I Have? (photo)

40yrs male, smoke lightly on and off for the past 12yrs due to stress. Had infected gum since 2004 but no action taken. Teeth #25 fail in '08, #29 in... READ MORE

My Gums Are Bleeding So Bad and my Teeth Are Very Loose Will Medicaid Pay to Have Them Pulled?

I live in the state of georgia...i need some help for this hurting mouth. READ MORE

Did my dentist make the right decision for my front teeth repairs? Should I have gotten a crown? (Photo)

I got hit by a soccer ball today in the face which knocked my right front tooth out of socket, and chipped it, and also chipped the left front tooth... READ MORE

What can I do to get my gums healthier?

I have been having pain with my gum for a while (6 years no dental insurance). After my tooth extraction, I went back in for a cleaning and he said my... READ MORE

A lot of my top front teeth are loose. Is there anything I can do to save them?

I am only 17 but I'm scared of loosing my teeth. My gums are bleeding and are very painful but the scary thing is that my teeth are very loose I can... READ MORE

I need to have an eye-tooth reshaped, but have no gums surrounding the tooth. Can it be done?

Two years ago (I am diabetic) I developed a horrible gum disease. Gums bled, teeth loosened and my eye-tooth on the left side began to elongate in the... READ MORE

My teeth/gum is sensitive, what is the cause of this?

Yesterday, while brushing my teeth they started to bleed. I had to swoosh some warm water in my mouth and spit a few times then the bleeding stopped.... READ MORE

Am I in danger of my teeth falling out? (Photo)

During the past two weeks I noticed that in between my teeth it looked like black holes & when I floss in those areas it just bleeds. Then my bottom... READ MORE

Is my tooth denting in? (Photo)

I've never noticed if it's denting in or not. Until my mother pointed it out. Lately it scares me because I feel like its going to dent in and... READ MORE

Any suggestions one my middle teeth, do i have to remove it or there is another way to solve dis problems?

When i 10 years old itself, when my new teeth growing time itself it rotate inwards.. and now my gums bleeding continually, i ask doctor advice... READ MORE

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