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What is Best Fix for Black Triangles Between Teeth? (photo)

I am 39 years old and a former smoker of 25 years. I quit smoking 8 months ago and would like to fix the black triangles between my front teeth that... READ MORE

Are Dermal Fillers a Good Alternative For Filling Black Triangles?

I consulted several periodontists about my black triangle issue. They agreed that bone/gum graft won't work in my case because of the bone loss.... READ MORE

Will Injectable Fillers Fix a Black Triangle Between Front Teeth?

I have a gum recession and bone loss between my two front upper teeth which looks like a black triangle.. Veneers would look too wide if I do them to... READ MORE

Black Triangle Gap in Lower Front Bottom Teeth - Cosmetic Solution? (photo)

I have periodontal disease and I have a black triangle gap in my lower front teeth. It looks worse after getting cleaned. Is there anything I can do... READ MORE

Bonding or Veneers for Black Triangle Lower Front Teeth? (photo)

After Invisalign I was left with mobile teeth that requires splinting and large black triangle in my front lower teeth. I had bone loss that required... READ MORE

Tiny black triangle between front teeth? (Photos)

About two months ago I developed a small black triangle between my front teeth. I've been to the dentist for regular cleanings, and he said i might... READ MORE

How Do I Find a Dentist That Uses Juvederm for Black Triangles?

I am an adult in braces and I'm going to have 4 or 5 very small black triangles when done. They are small enough that I think I might be a candidate... READ MORE

I had a connective tissue graft between teeth 10 and 12. I know have black triangles. Will they go away?

I just got a gum graft because I had thin gums. I know have a black triangle that is pretty large between teeth 11 and 12. I don't know why I have... READ MORE

Teeth cleaning left gaps? Will my gums start to form the triangle back?

Hey today I went for a teeth cleaning appointment as I never had one ever since I took my braces off (been 4 years) once all the tartar was removed... READ MORE

Will my papilla come back? I had a bone graft and now I have black triangles.

I had a gum graft done with tissue from my palette On tooth number 12. It has been 3 weeks since the procedure was done and everything is healing fine... READ MORE

I have small black triangle between front teeth. What can be done? I heard dermal fillers work. How do I find someone who does?

I have a small black triangle the size of a pin head between my 2 front teeth. Sometimes you can see it and sometimes not if the saliva blocks it.... READ MORE

Slightly black bits in gaps of my teeth (Photo)

I'm only 27 years old have always had good oral hygiene and I'm now teaching my almost 6 year old the same! We never go a day without brushing our... READ MORE

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