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How Common Are Bite Problems with Full Mouth Reconstruction?

About how many follow-up visits are needed to get the bite corrected for full mouth reconstruction? With implants and crowns, it seems that it would... READ MORE

molar problem

I got a composite filling on tooth # 16 (wisdom tooth), but my biting fell weird, so i went to get it adjusted.  the dentis grinded a little from... READ MORE

Can my teeth be re-aligned so that I would have a normal bite when I move my lower jaw forward? It makes my side profile better.

When I was 13, I extracted 2 upper teeth for braces which I wore for 2 years. I'm 22 now and have a highly receding chin which ruins my side profile.... READ MORE

Myotronics For Bite Problems

I have been told by a dentist that my bite is wrong & it is wearing my teeth & probably contributes to my jaw problems. He has suggested... READ MORE

Will non-surgical treatment fix my Class III bite without making my face even more sunken? (Photo)

I am a 32 yo woman with a class III bite, crossbite, and crowding. The ortho said that he could fix my bite with elastics (if my jaw can handle it--... READ MORE

What treatment should I get for my teeth? (Photo)

You see the pctures, my back teeth are slanting inward....i cannot hv my upper and lower teeth fit above each other as how it supposed to. im worried... READ MORE

I have an overbite and I'm starting to bite my tongue and inner cheeks. How can I fix it without braces? (Photo)

I dont want braces is there anything else i can use to help fix it or will only braves work READ MORE

Is This a Deep Bite? If So, I Have No Insurance, Would Bracers Fix It? If It Isnt, Any Suggestions How to Fix It? (photo)

Hey guys, I am new to this website here, so I have no idea how things work out, on responses and stuff. But I'm hoping im doing everything right. Okay... READ MORE

Age Fourteen, have tmj, should I let orthodontist extract 4 teeth?

Hi, im 14 and have tmj. I went to the periodontist to check it out and she said there is nothing they can do about it since i dont experience pain.... READ MORE

What are my options with these veneers/crowns? (Photo)

My bite is off after having 2 veneers and 6 crowns done on my front teeth couple months ago. My front teeth (including the premolars) are not touching... READ MORE

Is it necessary to create gaps in my teeth for veneers? (Photo)

I had my first consultation with a cosmetic dentist recently and he asked me about the smile I would like to have. Because I need to get orthodontic... READ MORE

Is There a Way Non-surgically to Correct an Open Bite?

Because of the fact that I am a professional singer my teachers and I have all agreed that if the structure of my jaw was changed it would change the... READ MORE

How long will my tooth need to heal after dental trauma from falling?

I fell a month and a half ago and since my front tooth has been lose I've had X-rays done two weeks after injury and nothing seemed to be wrong... READ MORE

Chewing is very painful two months after deep filling. Multiple appointments have not helped. Is it time for a second opinion?

I had many fillings two months ago at a new dentist. One tooth that had been filled became VERY sensitive when chewing any food. My bite's been... READ MORE

Can a bite adjustment stop my teeth from banging together when I speak?

My top and bottom teeth hit when I speak. It is annoying and it affects my speech. My top teeth bang into my bottom canines and one of my lower... READ MORE

Can I get my teeth shaved down 2 mm?

I had invisalign about 5 years ago to correct an edge to edge bite. Not only did the dentist not correct my edge to edge bite, but something happened... READ MORE

Do I have bimaxillary protrusion? (Photos)

Every time I take a photo of my face at a 3/4 view my mouth seems to hang out slightly. After checking various photos online it seems like this isn't... READ MORE

I have two tipped molars that not uprighting, and my bite is not great. Orthodontist wants to remove braces. What to do?

I had my second bicuspids removed (3rd from back) on top and bottom. On the Bottom: My orthodontist attempted to move the first molars into the space.... READ MORE

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