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What Procedure Will It Take for my Chipped Tooth to Look Normal Under a Black Light Again?

I had my #9 tooth chipped nearly in 1/2 at 20 I'm looking for a more permanent fix. I want to do as little damage as possible considering my age.... READ MORE

I have a broken bicuspid at the gum line. What treatment would you recommend?

Mt dentist sent me to a cosmetic dentist, and wants to remove some bone around the broken tooth, and then it would need a crown. I am looking for... READ MORE

Is There Any Way of Getting Rid of Denture? My 4 Front Teeth Are Denture. (photo)

I'm using denture for almost 16 years now and I'm really tired of it. Is there any dental procedure that helps me get rid of my denture? I want it to... READ MORE

What's the fastest way to treat an 4 mm overjet ?

I had braces for 2 years but when i removed them i still had and overjet i'm seaarching for a way that could treat in a small amount of time i'm... READ MORE

What's an alternative to Root Canal for Irreversible pulpitis? I was thinking about Holistic medicine pulp capping?

I was told by two different dentist that I need a root canal I had tooth #8 moved upwards by braces and then I received a veneer on that tooth which... READ MORE

Is there another fix for rotated teeth that is faster than braces? (Photo)

When i went to my doctor he told me that i will have to wear braces for 2 years, i am actually okay with wearing braces but but i would like to know... READ MORE

Will I need to have my canine teeth extracted, or get braces? (Photo)

Since I was a little girl, my teeth were starting to come out and they all came out perfectly except for my two canine teeth. They both got... READ MORE

What is the best way to expand your palate at age 19?

I have needed braces for a long time and I have finally started the process and I got a RPE. It has been a couple days and I still can not swallow... READ MORE

Am I able to cosmetically change my teeth without braces? (Photo)

I had braces when I was younger.. they came off when I was 13 and I'm 30 now. I have numerous problems with my teeth, including crowding, a bad bite... READ MORE

Maryland bridge replacement questions

I just asked a question about what I should do to replace a Maryland bridge on lateral incisor that is over 20 years old. I forgot to mention that I... READ MORE

Is there an alternative to drilling a bridge that seems to need a root canal?

Hi I've had a dental bridge in the back of my lower left mouth for about 7 years now and begin getting this pain under the cap that's caused swelling,... READ MORE

I wanted to know if I can get my two front teeth filed down or if I can get other alternatives? (Photo)

The issue that i face is that I have big front teeth that prevent me from closeing my mouth and causing my gums irritated red and dried from not being... READ MORE

What is the best option for a tooth intrusion? (Photo)

I have a question concerning only two teeth in an otherwise fairly decent smile. I have two teeth near the front that are ~.5 cm lower than the rest... READ MORE

Haven't worn retainers for three years and my bottom teeth are crooked. Is there an alternative to metal braces?

My bottom teeth are pretty crooked but my top aren't, I lost my retainers 3 years ago and haven't worn anything since. I really don't want metal... READ MORE

What are the alternative materials for an aesthetic front tooth crown for my implant? (Photo)

I have a 3.2 implant but there are no standard zirconia abutments and can’t get custom zirconia abutment, as they are not imported in my country. D... READ MORE

How can I get my buck teeth shortened? (Photo)

I went to a dentist to get my front two teeth shortened because they are very long although their shape is perfect.....but he told me if i got them... READ MORE

Do I have any other options besides traditional braces to fix my super erupted teeth?

I am missing two of my lower teeth due to an injury when I was little (I am 20 now and it happened when I was around 10) and my right canine and the... READ MORE

Restoring bone loss to save a natural tooth. Is there an alternative to extraction?

I had a root canal done on a tooth. After that I had several bone infections in the jaw by the root of the tooth. I was on antibiotics. This last time... READ MORE

I'm 29 & have a canine baby tooth with a fully grown canine behind. The baby tooth has cracked. What's an alternative to braces?

I am 29 and have a k9 baby tooth with the fully grown out k9 right behind it but my baby tooth has now crack a little in the back its not loose and... READ MORE

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