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How can I fill the gaps between all teeth, so that food doesn't get stuck? (Photo)

I have gaps between all teeth. I'm 33. I smoked for 12 years, stopped 2 years ago. I also kept bad oral cleaning for years. This led to gum disease,... READ MORE

What Are my Options in Closing my Diastema?

Am 32years old and have been living with upper and lower front gaps. The upper one is almost large enough to fit through my little finger. I have a... READ MORE

Baby teeth at 26 - ready to fall out? (photo)

I'm one of those very rare people who at the age of 26 still possess a few baby teeth, from what I've been told based on dental x-rays I just didn't... READ MORE

Do I Have Long Face Syndrome? Is there anything I can do about it at this stage (I'm 27) to fix it? (photo)

I am unsure but I think that I may have long face syndrome. I had rather bad crowding of the teeth when I younger but I turned down braces because I... READ MORE

I'm 27 yrs old and baby tooth is still there. Is it possible to keep the tooth?

Hi iam 27 and still have one baby tooth .. I went to doctor and c said that the roots of that tooth is really weak and I should remove it .. and they... READ MORE

Is there an alternative to palatal expansion surgery in adults?

I am 29 years old. I have a posterior crossbite on the left side of my mouth. I also have crowding in the front (both upper and lower jaw) with top... READ MORE

Space in Between Top and Bottom Front Teeth. Hawley Retainers or Veneers? (photo)

I am 25 years old and had braces as a kid to straighten my teeth. AFter my braces were removed they put permanent retainers top and bottom. I saw an... READ MORE

I Have Hypocalcification and Weak Enamel. Is It Better to Get Veneers or Bonding?

I'm a 32 yr old Female. I've had bonding on my front teeth before but it only covered part of the teeth and has now formed a discoloured line between... READ MORE

Depressed Because of Missing Molars - What Can be Done?

I have first lower molar(LEFT) extracted 6 months ago, and now the first molar rightneeds to be extracted too. The first upper molar on both side has... READ MORE

What's the best option to fix one crooked tooth?

Hi doctors, thanks for viewing my question. I am a 25yr old male and have always been self conscious of my smile. I maintain pretty good oral health.... READ MORE

Can I Protect my Teeth from Furth Bulimia Damage if I Get Veneers?

After countless money & dentists they ask if I had an eating disorder and do sm repairs. I am in 30's & my teeth are very beautiful from the... READ MORE

Is Bicuspid Extraction Needed in my Case? (photo)

I am 28 year old female. My ortho suggested for 4 premolars to be removed. He told that without extraction the you wont be able to make out much of... READ MORE

Smile Makeover - Crown Lengthening/Zirconia Crowns/Braces? Cost? (photo)

Having had a lot of dental work as a child and teenager, which has left me with an unattractive smile, at the age of 26 i have decided to do something... READ MORE

Can my crossbite still have a chance to be corrected? What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

I'm already 32 yrs. old, & since I was a child my teeth is crossbite, due to lack of financial, it never been treated. I have four tooth fix bridge... READ MORE

Is it possible to surgically re-position a tooth (specifically a canine) to it's correct spot? (Photo)

I'm 25 years old and have never lost my top right baby canine tooth. The permanent has grown in behind it (see picture). I need to finally get this... READ MORE

My bottom tooth has shifted due to gum disease. Can you help? (Photo)

Hi - 27 yr old female. I hav not been diagnosed with gum disease but i know i have it. I always have a bad taste in my mouth and my gums have receded... READ MORE

Can You Use Gum Countouring (With Laser) While on Accutane?

I am a 26 yrs old female on my 4th month of accutane 40mg, I have braces which will come off in 2 months and would like to have laser countouring of... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for upper teeth? My incisors are slightly tilted, partly chipped, and one tooth is overlapped (Photo)

Hi doctors. I am a 25 year old man who has had problematic teeth cosmetically. As the pics display, incisors are slightly tilted towards my right... READ MORE

Can lower arch expansion be performed on an adult if teeth are straight? (Photo)

I am 30 & have always had sinus congestion.I breathe w/ my mouth open & my face shape is like 'scream'.I got braces and the orthodontist said I have... READ MORE

Does Medicaid with Healthfirst Pay for Partial Dentures in New York City? Braces?

I am only 30 years old and my teeth are horrible I need at least 3 to four teeth pulled from the bottom and I need to know if Medicaid with... READ MORE

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