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My teeth keep breaking and falling out, I'm only 20 and I take care of my teeh. Should I get veneers?

I don't know how much longer I'm going to have to deal with this. My parents have horrible teeth and I'm thinkinghat could be the problem. Today two... READ MORE

Should I Wear My Retainer Only at Night?

I was 15 when I first got my retainer and I wore it all the time for almost a month before I gave up on it. I was told to wear it all the time for a... READ MORE

Front Tooth is Uneven? (photo)

When I was about 10 I fell and chipped a tiny piece of my front tooth. The dentist shaved it a little bit and told me that he would shave the other... READ MORE

Whitening, Polishing and Scaling?

I'm going to a dentist the day after tomorrow to have my teeth whitened with lasers and peroxide, polished and cleaned. My teeth look ok as it is, but... READ MORE

Lost Four Teeth to an Overbite: Will Teeth Grow Back at 18 Years Old?

Now i am getting treatment for overbite treatement name is bimaxillary protusion READ MORE

How Can I Correct my Slanted Teeth? (photo)

I am a 24 year old upper jaw is a bit protruded and my concern is my front upper teeth slanting towards to the right of my face.this causes my... READ MORE

19 years old with a canine baby tooth (Photo)

I'm 19 and I still have a canine baby tooth which has become loose and protruded. I went for an x-ray and it showed that the root is present but it... READ MORE

Cosmetic Contouring for Overcrowded Teeth? (photo)

Hello I am 23 years old.I have crowded and overlapping teeths as u can see from picture below.I want to correct my smile and do not wish to wear... READ MORE

19 Year Old w/ Overbite. Is There Anyway It Can Be Corrected?

I have had braces before when I was younger, had the herbst appliance and also had headgear. I didn't cooperate very well because I was young and... READ MORE

I'm 19 and I still have a canine baby tooth.

I'm almost 19 and I still have a canine baby tooth which has become loose now and kind of protruded. I went for and x-ray and it showed that the root... READ MORE

I Don't Know Whether I Have a Bimaxillary Protrusion, or if I Have an Overbite? (photo)

1. which is better? TREATMENT A (4 teeth extraction) or TREATMENT B (expand the dental arch to move the teeth backwards)? I am 22 years old. I also... READ MORE

Will I need a procedure for the missing gum between my two front teeth? (photo)

I'm 22 years old and I wore braces from ages 11-13. I starting wearing a retainer right after my braces were taken off, I currently wear it every... READ MORE

Bad Orthodontic Experience. Braces, Veneers or Bonding to Fix? (photo)

I had braces 3 times. The last time I had it was 5 years ago and 4 teeth, two upper and two lower lateral incisors extracted. But I am very unhappy... READ MORE

Can my crowded teeth be fixed without extraction? (Photo)

I'm 18 years old and have an appointment next Tuesday for a consultation for braces. Even though I haven't had the consultation yet, the orthodontist... READ MORE

Misaligned and Crooked Teeth: What Treatment Would be Best?

I am 20 year old college student and I have am looking to fix my smile. My smile really brings down my confidence and am finally looking to get it... READ MORE

How to fix my protruding/horse looking teeth? (Photo)

I have straight teeth but however I do not like the overbite horse looking appearance that I have when I smile I am looking to fix this issue as soon... READ MORE

I Lost my Right Lateral Incisor when I Was 8, Didn't Grow Back Since? (photo)

I lost my right lateral incisor when i was 8, didn't grow back since, had x-ray, the teeth is somewhere at the roof of my mouth, deformed, now i'm 19... READ MORE

Best Way to Fix my Bucky-bunny Teeth? (photo)

My front teeth are longer than the rest and stick out, one further than the other. I had braces when I was 10, I'm 23 now, but never completed the... READ MORE

My front teeth are off center due to a decision my parents made when I was a teen. Is it fixable? (Photo)

One of my teeth never grew in so I had a space. My orthodontist gave two options. 1) put a fake tooth or 2) pull my teeth together. My mother chose... READ MORE

My upper teeth don't show when I talk or smile. How can I fix it? (Photo)

Hello, I'm an 18 years old girl, and for as long as I can remember my upper teeth didn't show when I talked or smiled -unless I smile progressively... READ MORE

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