1 Week Post-op + Cosmetic Dentistry

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1 Week After Wisdom Teeth Removal, Pain in Cheekbone and Jaw? (photo)

Hello I have my all 4 wisdom teeth removed a week ago and I am still in pain. From last 2 days i.e. On day 6 after wisdom teeth removal, I am having... READ MORE

Still Some Pain 6 Days After Wisdom Teeth Removal? (photo)

I got 4 wisdom teeth out 6 days ago and I'm still experiencing some pain. The rest of my family took about 3 days to recover so I'm a bit paranoid.... READ MORE

When is Dry Socket No Longer a Risk After Having Teeth Pulled?

I had my two top wisdom teeth and one bottom wisdom tooth pulled 5 days ago. I haven't had any discomfort or pain but I am still paranoid. READ MORE

Should I Still Be in This Much Pain After a Week?

I had 11 teeth extracted one wisdom tooth. after a week I still have pretty moderate pain. The dentist said a couple were difficult extractions. But I... READ MORE

Lower 2nd to Last Tooth Pulled 5 Days Ago and I Am Having Pain and Jaw Stiffness Still? (photo)

I have my tooth pulled 5 days ago. I was first prescribed Motrin but the pain was unbearable that now I have Vicodin. I am still in pain, it starts of... READ MORE

Got wisdom tooth removed on the 19 of Nov and now it feels like I have a toothache?

I had my wisdom teeth removed on the 19 of Nov and now it feels like I have a toothache. The 2 teeth before my wisdom teeth now hurt like hell. Can it... READ MORE

Had a root canal 7 days ago and it hurts just as much to bite now as it did before. What's wrong?

I had a filling on my second to back bottom molar about two years ago and recently went to the dentist who said the filling needed to be fixed. She... READ MORE

Gum Tissue. Recently Had Bonding Replaced With Veneers?

I recently had bonding replaced with veneers about a week ago. I noticed that there is a small open space at the top between my front teeth. My... READ MORE

Is my extraction site healing properly? (photo)

Hi. I had my #31 extracted at 6pm on Thursday- It did not require any incisions or sutures, but it was a rough extraction (my root was at a 90*... READ MORE

After 1 week I have pain in the right side near new filling, upper jaw, ear and head. Is this normal?

I had some pain in one of my teeth when I chewed from that side so I went to the dentist. She said I need filling in 2 teeth, 1 was quite deep. After... READ MORE

I Had my Wisdom Tooth out a Week Ago an I'm Still in Pain?

Its been stitched an its still that painful it wakes me up in thru the night I've taken loads of pain killers but nothing works I've even takken... READ MORE

1 week after wisdom teeth removal, I am feeling extremely dry on the area of removal. Is this normal?

I had my four wisdom teeth removed one week ago. Everything was doing fine but the past two days in the wisdom teeth area it has been extremely dry.... READ MORE

Why are my stitches connected to my cheek?

I had 3 wisdom teeth out 5 days ago and the bottom right one needed 2 stitches, but the stitches look and feel like they are connected to the inside... READ MORE

Recovery time after wisdom teeth are removed?

On Thursday January 9th I had all four of my impacted wisdom teeth removed. It's been 5 days now and I'm still not eating solid food and having pain... READ MORE

Stiffness and swelling 6 days after wisdom tooth extraction?

I had my two lower wisdom teeth removed 6 days ago. Should there still be some stiffness and swelling in my jaw on one side? It feels like I can't... READ MORE

I got my wisdom teeth out 8 days ago and am still in pain. (Photo)

I was wondering if this is normal? I got all 4 out before they were through the gum. I was looking at the stitches and it seems like on my left side... READ MORE

How long after wisdom teeth extraction will I be able to eat real food?

I had my wisdom teeth extracted a week and a half ago and I've been to the dentist twice because the bottom right side just didn't feel right. The... READ MORE

Are my symptoms normal for 5 days after wisdom teeth removal?

Hello I got 2 wisdom teeth removed almost 5 days ago. I have minimal pain at the extraction site but it is sore. It wont hurt but then will get achy... READ MORE

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