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Is It Common for Part of a Dental Crown to Break off Within 5 Weeks After Crown Was Recemented?

Crown on my lower molar was loose. Dentist "popped" it off & recemented it. 5 wks later, a corner of crown fell off while I was eating.... READ MORE

I feel discomfort in veneer tooth. Could it be caused by incorrect bonding?

Got 2 front veneers a month ago. I always feel discomfort in my left veneer. It happened in a week after getting them. Before I felt also pressure and... READ MORE

5 weeks after wisdom teeth extraction, hole hasn't healed and there is pain with yellow in the hole. Is it infected? (Photo)

My right side is completely healed and fine. But on my left side, I've been having pain for the past few days. The hole is still open and there is... READ MORE

How to Stop the Complication of a Failed Root Canal?

My lower molar was throbbing 5 wks ago. Amoxycillin didn't help. Endodontist did root canal but failed. Had 7 days clindamycin, didn't stop throbbing... READ MORE

What can I do to fix this without having major work or veneers? (Photos)

In the beginning of May I chipped my left front upper tooth on a fork. The chip was tiny. I went to the dentist and she shaved it, but then I was... READ MORE

How long does it take for an immune system to heal and be in it's normal state after wisdom tooth removal?

I had my wisdom teeth removed at the end of May. Im sure it took a toll on my immune system. I am wondering how long it takes for an immune system to... READ MORE

62-year-old woman with extracted tooth #13 one month ago. What do I do?

One month ago I get a tooth extracted (tooth number 13). I'm a 62 yr old woman. My dentist says that I may have to get a sinus lift & possible... READ MORE

What's going on with adult palate expander? Three days ago when I turned the key I was in intense pain. It was placed 1 mo ago.

Up till then I had not experienced any pain whatsoever. The pain is only on one side of the jaw And is near an area Where I had two failed implants... READ MORE

Crown over cracked tooth?

My dentist put a crown on a tooth that is cracked. He said the crown would hold the tooth together and protect the tooth from cracking more. It has... READ MORE

Redness and mild pain in gum 1 month after bridge? (Photos)

I get this bridge a month ago, Fixed with temporary cement. I have redness and mild pain in gum over the middle teeth in the bridge. I want to know if... READ MORE

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