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Coolsculpting March 2017

I am a 40 year old, no children. Currently I weigh 134 lbs and my natural waist measurement is 30” and the largest part of my waist where my muffin top and pot belly are is 38”. I do not expect this treatment to change my weight. I was informed at my various consultations at different off... READ MORE

Zeltiq Cool-sculpting on Lower Abdomen and Flanks *5ft Tall - 104 Lbs*

My consultation was a breeze and left me feeling comfortable and ready! I have taken a break from working out and eating healthy for about 6 months due to moving and a busy schedule and unfortunately put some weight back on. I still have a pretty small frame but have centralized stubborn body... READ MORE

CoolSculpt Horrible NEED Ultrasonic Liposuction to Hopefully Fix, NO OTHER Option Male, 6 Ft3, 215lbs Fit

Coolsculpt by Zeltiq to help a small trouble spot, turned into a large protruding gross lump of firm fat! Made my "trouble area" worse I would say triple the size:{ Zeltiq Coolsculpt has RUINED my body, I never was even CLOSE to needing or opting for Liposuction, now it has been confirmed its... READ MORE

Wonderful Experience and Results - Amarillo

I was looking at having surgery to get rid of my bulges when I heard about Zeltiq. I had my tummy and flanks treated and have had amazing results! I would much rather do this than have surgery!! There was some superficial bruising for a few days, but I love the results. READ MORE

Getting CoolSculpting Done Today - Updates to Follow. Ontario, CA

I've always been pretty active as a kid. Now that I'm older, it's so much easier to gain that extra weight! I've been eating A LOT healthier and go to the gym 2-4 times per week. I'm happy with my progress EXCEPT this belly "pooch" that I have. Even at my lightest (115lbs) I still had a little... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Experience - Beverly Hills, CA

Loved the idea of not going through painful surgery and the downtime. Had Zeltiq done to help reduce fat deposit around stomach and sides. Initially noticed a slight reduction, not significant enough to say it was worth it. very small difference during the first month, there after it seemed the... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting Was a Complete Waste of Money!!! Tampa, FL

Do not waste your money and time, for what may be, no positive results. While it may work for some, I personally wish I had not taken the chance. The staff and the doctor were not the problem. Zeltiq just did not work for me AT ALL. I wanted to give it a fair shot, so I had my lower abs... READ MORE

Not a House of Medicine; Definitely a House of Commerce! - Boca Raton, FL

I'm a healthy early sixties male with a very active lifestyle. I had/still have some lower abdominal belly fat and love handles. I went to Dr Posner for tumescent liposuction. I have several friends who have had this from different Docs, with good results. Posner immediately said that he had... READ MORE

So Far So Good - Austin, TX

2/1/13 - Had my first CoolSculpting treatment yesterday. I did a large section for my stomach and plan on returning for my love handles next week. It's been less than 24 hours and so far, no regrets. I followed the reviews on this site for months and decided that with approximately 70% of... READ MORE

Zeltiq - Washington, DC

I wanted coolsculpting on my inner thighs. My doctor wasn't sure if it would take or not since the suction piece was made for the abdomen, so he said we could do one side and then we can do lipo if it doesn't work. The suction piece just feels like a lot of pressure, but I didn't... READ MORE

It Comes Back

I had fat bulges that exercise and eating healthy could not remove; even cancer could not get rid of them. I am a health nut, exercise, eat right, etc., and I am a 66 year old cancer survivor, but I still want to look as good as I can for my age. Conventional lipo involves drugs and I did not... READ MORE

Lots of PAIN with Zeltiq (done twice), but this may help - don't do too many treatments at once

Best thing I have ever done. Dr. J and his gals are wonderful! It is VERY painful days 2-9 after the procedure. It is 6 weeks post and it was a wonderful experience. I wish that they did more areas of the body. I would def go back to my Dr. in a heartbeat.I just had a second round of zeltiq... READ MORE

Disappointed in Zeltiq Procedure for Abdomen - Chicago

Zeltiq procedure for lower abdomen. Pros: No wait time, pleasant office atmosphere, friendly doctor and staff. No pain; mild discomfort. Cons: Treatment not successful. Doctor/staff did not follow-thru. Disappointed that I spent $2,000 and had no visual or measurable improvement.... READ MORE

Been One Month & Zeltiq Has Worked!

Even though I was very active-running(up to 6 mi a day!), danced competitively, & was very active, it seems i always had and could never reduce this bulge in my lower abs. Over the years, the bulge worsened after I had my son-way worsened because I had a C-section & the way i healed up... READ MORE

Husband and I Both Had Zeltiq - Waste of Money - Florida

My husband and I both had Zeltiq done......he on his love handles and me on my abdomen. It has now been 3 months and neither of us can notice a bit of difference, not in inches or the way or clothes fit. We even took pictures on our own to compare when we were 3 monts out. We took the pics in... READ MORE

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