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CoolSculpting caused the worst pain of my life!!!!!!

This is the first review I've written, BUT I BELIEVE my story needs to be told. I am normally a big fan of lasers so when I got a suggestion to try coolscupting I was up for it. I EXPERIENCED the WORST pain of my life with coolscultping. Pins and needles feeling kept me up all night and... READ MORE

CoolSculpting gone wrong

This procedure ruined my mid-section. I felt I had stubborn belly fat going into the procedure but I now have actual lumps that are painful and flab on my hips. I realize all plastic surgery comes with no guarantees- skip this one ladies- it's worse than when I started. READ MORE

FROM BAD TO WORSE! - Arlington, TX

Only a few months after having Lipo on my abs,I startedto gain a ton of weight from the Depo shot. Being discouraged about the weight gain but not wanting to undergo surgery again, I decided to give cool sculpting a try. THIS IS NOT A PAIN FREE PROCEDURE. A week after having my abdomen treated... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting. Cool Smooth Applicator on Outer/Back of Thighs. 35years Old, 2 Kids. - Michigan, MI

Just did it today. Took pictures when I got home. First time doing outter thighs. Was very cold first 10 mins. Numbs out, but still felt cold. Had it on two hours. When it was taken off it was uncomfortable. A bit worse than my stomach. When she took off the foam pieces it stings the skin. Feels... READ MORE

10 Treatments and Not Worth It - Idaho Falls, ID

Had 10 treatments of coolsculping and it made no difference at all. Please everyone, save your money. It is a scam that doctors are making a lot of money on. I think my after looks even worse and I exercise faithfully. This fad will eventually fade away after everyone has made their money. Use... READ MORE

CoolSculpt Horrible Result..now NEED Ultrasonic Liposuction to Hopefully Fix, NO OTHER Option Male, 6 Ft3, 215lbs Fit

Coolsculpt by Zeltiq to help a small trouble spot, turned into a large protruding gross lump of firm fat! Made my "trouble area" worse I would say triple the size:{ Zeltiq Coolsculpt has RUINED my body, I never was even CLOSE to needing or opting for Liposuction, now it has been confirmed its... READ MORE

Avoid her if you want any type of after care

Horrible. Any doctor who says, "well, we don't always get the result we want" when a procedure makes you look worse than when you went in, should be avoided. I had Coolsculpting done on my stomach last year. My stomach was flabby at the time but could be flattened using Spanx. Now, I have a... READ MORE

Complete Waste of Money and Pain Worse Than Major Surgery.

I had the Coolsculpting CoolMax (the biggest, most aggressive applicators) procedure on my abdomen on March 3 at Dermatology Inc. in Greenwood, IN. The aesthetician told me I would see results with only one treatment, and my C-section "spare tire" would see a big reduction. The results would be... READ MORE

Save Your Money

Almost 3 months after having 3 treatments done with coolsculpting, I have seen no positive results. One week after the procedure on my love handles & lower abdomen, my waist measurement was 6 inches bigger than before the procedure. Now 3 months later, the same. Instead of loosing fat,... READ MORE

One Week Post Lower Ab Procedure. More Painful Than I Thought It Would Be. - Sioux City, IA

Had my lower ab procedure done on 8/1/2016. Five days post started getting sharp stabbing pain in lower ab. Worse, for some reason, after eating. On the sixth day post, (Saturday) I stayed in bed taking Ibuprofen. Now nine days post, still intermittent sharp stabbing pains and soreness to... READ MORE

Do NOT Go Here!! - Winter Park, FL

I went to this office initially because I located them from The Real Self for SmartLipo. I went to the office for a consultation where I met with a Coolsculpting representative who informed me their office no longer performs SmartLipo. After she decided that I was an ideal candidate, I went in... READ MORE

Cool Sculpt and Skin Laxity - Gulf Breeze, FL

I had a cool sculpt procedure for my hips and thighs and as a result, my skin elasticity has changed for the worse. I am a very fit exercise instructor and had a never ending battle with a few localized areas. Do not do this procedure if you are concerned about lumpy and flaccid skin!!!! In... READ MORE

Tried Cool Scuplting on my Belly - Avon, CT

I'm fairly slim, yet had a little bit in the belly to lose so I tried cool sculpting. For me, it was EXCRUTIATING! To the point where I, literally, did not think I was going to make it through the first session. They told me that "most" people, after 12 minutes, don't feel a thing because... READ MORE

55 Year Old with Some Resistant Fat - Mid Missouri, MO

I decided to wait to write my review because I kept reading about the pain and I didn't see people several weeks out and I wanted to know what I was going to have to endure. Yes, I had PAIN. My body type is tall and slender, my BMI is 23. I am a breast cancer survivor with 5 surgeries for... READ MORE

Coolsculpting on Tummy-ruined Forever - Murfreesboro, TN

I was so excited to have this procedure done to my stomach area. I am in my 30's and have had 2 kids. Fortunately, my skin didn't suffer too much, but the pooch is hard to loose. The medispa told me two procedures are the trick to amazing results with coolsculpting. I was told I was a great... READ MORE

Made my Stomach Worse :( - Las Vegas, NV

I'm 37 now two babies youngest is 5 years old i'm 5'2 150 pounds I had a little pouch. After the procedure I was in horrible pain it felt like I got brain freeze but on my uterus. after 1/2 hour the pain went away and my stomach look like ruber it was sooo weird that fat deflated it but NOW MY... READ MORE

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