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CoolSculpting caused the worst pain of my life!!!!!!

This is the first review I've written, BUT I BELIEVE my story needs to be told. I am normally a big fan of lasers so when I got a suggestion to try coolscupting I was up for it. I EXPERIENCED the WORST pain of my life with coolscultping. Pins and needles feeling kept me up all night and... READ MORE

Numbness - Vernon Hills, IL

I hope this hard and numb sensation inside my stomach goes away soon. I was not expected. I came to your side to see other reviews and seems that my experience is not isolated. I will post again in 4 weeks I have a lot of hope this procedure works. I was debating between a lypo or this and a... READ MORE

34 Year Old with 2 Kids - Houston TX

I was wanting to remove stubborn excess fat in my lower abdomen from having 2 children back to back. Cool sculpting was the perfect solution for my busy schedule with work & family. It is quick, non-invasive & doesn't have recovery time that a surgery would! The procedure only takes 1 hour... READ MORE

Zeltiq - It Works!

I was very happy with my results. READ MORE

Cool Sculpting Love Handles, Bra fat, upper back shoulders

I had cool sculpting done on sep 2nd. I had two cycles on left and right - from the side going to my lower back. It has now been four months and I am not sure it worked at all! I wanted to go in for another round of four cycles, but I have cancelled my appointment. I do not want to waste my... READ MORE

57 Yr Old Woman with a Belly That Looks 6 Months Pregnant - Mass City, MI

I had to do something and cool sculpting was much more affordable and left no scars. The procedure was a tad bit uncomfortable at times but the two weeks that followed, were horrible for me. They said there was no downtime but plan on it , cuz I've been in pain for almost two weeks. They tell me... READ MORE

36 Yr Old, Mom, Works Hard at Gym but Still Can't Get Muffin Top to Budge - Dunedin, FL

Coolsculpting is an amazing muffin top is gone..and there was no down time! Was able to continue my normal workout schedule! I love it and want more! I can't believe how easy and painless it was...would recommend this to anyone who already eats healthy, works out but just can't get... READ MORE

37 Yo Bride-to-be with a Hyper 4 Yo Son. - Encinitas, CA

Last year, I planned my wedding. ???? I had 10 months to get my body in shape. I worked out, ate right and was losing my goal weight. But my stubborn tummy wasn't looking so toned. I was introduced to Coolsculpting by a good friend who recently went through the procedure. She loved her results... READ MORE

51 Yrs Old, Athletic, Thin, Cool Sculpting to Abdomen. OUCH! - St. Louis, MO

Ok, so I paid for two treatment to my abdomen. I had fat below and above the belly button. The large applicator was placed longways on my abdomen for an hour each side. I had the first treatment 6 weeks ago and it really hurt for the first 7 min, then was somewhat tolerable. Halfway through,... READ MORE

CoolSculpting on Lower Abs (Large Applicator) - Tampa, FL

I did a lot of research before I agreed to do CS. For background, I am 35 years old and work at a desk job. I work out 5-7 times a week and consider myself to be pretty active. With that said, I think I'm probably 15-20 outside of my ideal Body range. No matter how hard I push through my... READ MORE

What an Experience - Wilmington, NC

Where to begin. I had the procedure done on my lower abdomen on May 5, 2011. I read most of the reviews listed prior to my procedure. Most of what everyone has said is on point. The procedure itself was strange feeling because of the suction on my stomach. I have to say there was little to no... READ MORE

Coolsculptin Post Op Pain - Marengo, IL

I thought the procedure initially was slightly painful. Immediately afterwards there was numbness with no pain but 3 days post op the pain is pretty intense. I have had liposuction and the pain was not even close;; I stand up all day at work so this is not good. At least with liposuction you... READ MORE

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