weight lifting + CoolSculpting

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5'4"/170lb mother, power lifter, Coolsculpting review!

I'm pretty thick and muscley but I've always had a little extra fat on me. Even at my smallest 148lbs I still had love handles (more to the back vs hanging over the sides) and saddlebags. After our recent move to Cali, I'd been gaining a little weight so I started looking for options. I am... READ MORE

Seek "Grace" for Self Improvement

Belly fat is stubborn! In my case, running, weightlifting, and dieting (the Holy Trinity of weight loss) couldn't exorcise the stuff (get it?). So I resorted to what I *thought* would be an uncomfortable procedure called Coolscultping. Instead, it was GREAT. The experience was actually...... READ MORE

35 Years Old, Want a More Seamless Body

I find the lumpiness of my body very off putting. I had lower abdomen and inner thighs done. it is the inner thighs that bother me the most, the fat pockets are so discrete and I would like my legs to be more streamlined. The positioning of the suxtuon cups on my thighs seemed strange, it was... READ MORE

39 Y/o Clean Eating and Very Active but Still Had Stubborn Areas

When I went to the consultation, the nurse was very helpful and she made me feel as comfortable as possible when standing in my under wear while someone is squeezing my fat. She told me that this isn't for weight loss and I was fine with that. I've never cared about the weight I was because I... READ MORE

22 Years Old, 5'2 150lbs. No Kids, Power/weight Lifter. Fairhope, AL

I just got my coolsculpting procedure done 4/20/16 so it is too soon to know if it is really worth it. However, I will be posting updated pictures throughout the full 3 month process. I have only done 1 session. One small applicator on lower abdomen and one on each love handle. I am roughly 22%... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting Works. Roseville, CA

I think I'm like a lot of men who can't get rid of that lower abdomen fat. Its a small troublesome area that I've been wanting to flatten out. I spin, weight train, and do the occasional yoga class but still wasn't satisfied with my results. So I decided to try coolsculpting. I did one of the... READ MORE

53 Years Old, Lost Weight but Couldn't Get Rid of the Fat Pockets Under Armpits. - Burlington, WA

I'm so glad I did it!! The best thing about it is that the fat won't ever come back!!!!!!! Clothes fit better and I can go sleeveless again :) I hope to have more work done on the skin around my face and neck. I want that even-toned and younger look. I have 20 more pounds to go and will cool... READ MORE

Worth It! 45 Year Old Woman; 1 Child; Physically Fit - Haddon Heights, NJ

I am a physically fit 45 year old woman. I lift weights and run 5 days a week but still had some stubborn fat in my abs and thighs from years of poor diet. I had two sessions on my abs over a year ago and one session on my inner thighs. My results have been amazing! My abs have never looked... READ MORE

Hoping for Good Results - Tulsa, OK

The reviews certainly vary on this procedure. I am hopeful that I am a good candidate and can handle any pain. I am 51, 5'5", 160 lbs. From weightlifting, running and other exercising I am fairly muscular. I maintained a weight of 130-140 since college with the exception of 2 pregnancies. ... READ MORE

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