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Coolsculpting Abdomen. 22yo F. 6 sessions

Hi there. On Thursday the 15th I my first coolsculpting (or chillsculpting as they call it) done on my lower abdomen. They used the medium applicator on my tummy. It was uncomfortable but not painful. The nurse was very lovely and had a great customer service manner. She made me feel safe... READ MORE

60 Year Old Grandma - Burnsville, MN

I am fortunate that I have always had a high metabolism and never had to worry about my weight. Going through menopause my metabolism slowed down. I tried numerous ways to get rid of the inner tube around my waist. I decided to check out cool sculpting at Gryskiewicz Twin Cities Cosmetic... READ MORE

Coolsculpting on Lower End of Stomach - Des Moines, IA

I went to an event Dr. Robbins was having with a friend. They were doing consultations on the spot after the doctor spoke. I went with a friend and it was a fun, comfortable atmosphere. They said they were the most experienced so I thought I would see what they thought about my stomach area. I... READ MORE

27 Years Old , Coolsculpt Abdomen - Princeton, NJ

I had my procedure done at Hazen Medical Spa with Regina. I started with my abdomen 2 hours lower on 12/18/16 I was advised to stay hydrated and to take the 4 day arnica montana supplement to prevent bruising. I started the supplement the day before treatment, I did not bruise after the... READ MORE

Almost 40 Years Old - Treat to Myself! - Seattle, WA

I'm 3 treatments in (bought 5) and had them almost 2 weeks ago. Not feeling skinnier by any means! But the swelling has pretty much gone down. Day 1 I was fine - no discomfort. Day 2 was a different story! I didn't expect the soreness (even though all the things I read said to expect it!) -... READ MORE

Completely Destroyed my Figures and Made Me 2 Inches Bigger Around the Waist. Atlanta, GA

The procedure redistributed the fat, pretty much whatever was in the machine got bigger and maintained that shape, so now my upper abdomen sticks out, it's hard and cannot be sucked in. Looking for advice from others that had the same experience. How did you fix it, did you have to go on a... READ MORE

CoolSculpting Worked. Lubbock, TX

I had CoolSculpting done 2/24/15 and I waited to post a review until 12 weeks out. I'm posting some pictures below although to me you can't tell very well how it worked. My wife has commented that my gut is much smaller. I had a pair of jeans that were tight around the waist. Those same jeans... READ MORE

Save Your Money

Almost 3 months after having 3 treatments done with coolsculpting, I have seen no positive results. One week after the procedure on my love handles & lower abdomen, my waist measurement was 6 inches bigger than before the procedure. Now 3 months later, the same. Instead of loosing fat,... READ MORE

Great CoolSculpting Results

After exercising 3 and 4 times a week and still unable to get rid of the excess muffin top that came with age, I went to Dr. Garramone's office and Kris Mitchell performed the CoolSculpting. I have had great results. I lost 3 inches in my waist, my clothes are fitting better, and my acid reflex... READ MORE

40 Years Old in Shape but Dreaded Love Handles Sneaking Aboard - Plantation, FL

I have always been a solid size 6 with zero waistline and thick thighs.. Never a weight issue, until I turned about 38 years old. Now I have to actively watch what I eat and work out just to maintain my current weight. I swear if I eat something without working out I see the fat on me the next... READ MORE

Not Worth the Price or Pain for the Results - Fullerton, CA

I got the procedure done over 4 months ago as a jump start to my weight loss. Since then (as a result of a strict diet, not the procedure) I have lost 22 lbs. In total, I lost one inch off of my natural waist, and one inch off around my belly button. At the weight that I am, it's negligible, and... READ MORE

Coolsculpting- Not Worth It - Portland, OR

I had my coolsculpting treatment done on 6 areas- inner knees, inner thighs and love handles. I was told that I was the perfect candidate for a successful outcome. The procedure itself was not painful. There was no massage like some people stayed. I never heard from the clinic again . The... READ MORE

A Mother of 3 Kid Just Wanted Her Body Back - Bend, OR

Do you want to look better? Feel better? And be able to wear anything you want? Have you tried diet and exercise? I know I have, I'd spend hours a week at the gym, cardio and lifting weights, and weights usually take down the fat,but after three babies my little waist was never the same until... READ MORE

50 Year Old Perimenopausal Female, Had Coolscultping on Flanks - Winston Salem, NC

Before I had my procedure 6 days ago, I read numerous reviews of Coolsculpting on this site and it helped alleviate a lot of my anxiety. I hope my review will do the same for others. A bit about me: I am 50 years old, work out every week and eat fairly healthily. But since the whole... READ MORE

58 Yr Old Women - Ideal Weight with Menopausal Belly - Des Moines, IA

I am a Fit 58 year old woman. I work out 4 or 5 times a week; eat healthy most of the time. But I could never get rid of my belly. In the past few years, I think my waist increased 5 inches. Menopause was not my friend. I was tired of hiding my belly, my muffin top or just being miserable.... READ MORE

Wonderful Experience - East Setauket, NY

14 years of yoga could not remove a roll above my belly button and more than ample flanks...decided to go for coolsculpting with Dr. Epstein's wonderful staff after reading many articles and reviews..well much to my amazement, the procedures were painless; during the hour on each area, I... READ MORE

60 Year Young Needing a Pick-Me-Up - Wilmington, NC

My weight wasn't increasing, but I couldn't fit into anything in the closet. I am active, work in the yard, play tennis and walk, but my waist was getting larger. Hoping Coolsculping will slim it down. I had 5 applicators done this morning, two side flanks, two on lower stomach and one on upper.... READ MORE

Coolsculpting is a Miracle! - Toronto, ON

I went to Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute for Coolsculpting. I am in my 20s, and have always been really small 100-115lbs & having gained weight during pregnancy it left me with fat that just wouldn’t go away, a wider waist and a larger stomach. I was ashamed of it and nothing I tried s... READ MORE

68 Year Old, Needed Some Waist Definition. Eugene, OR

I recently finished two sessions of cool sculpting and the results were amazing. My waist is noticeably smaller and more defined. There was no down time, and the experience was pain free and non invasive. I had no bruising. The procedure took under 2 hours, each time.I am pleased with the... READ MORE

Over 40 Began Seeing Love Handles - Dallas, TX

I am always happy to walk into Blush Aesthetics. The employees are very compassionate. I love the outcome of the Cool Sculpting treatment. I have lost several inches around my waist and I'm ready for summer! The treatment was not uncomfortable and I will likely do another treatment on... READ MORE

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