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26 Years Old, No Kids, Frequent Goer to Gym

I finally decided to do cool sculpting. I have pretty flabby arms, and also jiggly fat on my back and stomach (both upper and lower). Currently I weigh 137lb and I'm 5'6. I used to weigh over 175lb 4 years ago but lost alot of weight through diet and exercise. My arm did not get smaller despite... READ MORE

34 Yo, No Kids. Petite & Fit - Santa Monica, CA

I am 5'1 ,109 lbs and I am fit yet petite. I wasn't always like this. I used to be overweight at my heaviest 145lbs. Despite working out I still have fatty areas that were bothering me. I just did my first session of CoolSculpting for my upper arms, my lower abdomen and inner thighs. I... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting? - Brookfield, WI

I just completed by first cool sculpting procedure on my bra fat and upper arms. The procedure wasn't too painful. I'm bruised, so try not to take any blood thinners beforehand. I'm currently regretting my Advil dose last night. I'll post pictures tonight and do updates on my progress. Overall... READ MORE

Coolsculpting - 28 year old pear shape - reducing annoying fat on thighs

My results are beyond what I thought they would be. My thighs have ALWAYS been an area of concern for me since I was a little girl, post puberty, and I am so happy to have room down there now. I have big legs and I have come to terms with that but the fat was my main concern. I lift weights A... READ MORE

Coolsclupting using new applicator on Upper Arms 39 Y.o in calgary.

Always in my life I feel my arms are huge as if I am a heavy lifter athlete who gained weight. Even in my thinnest these arms still show fully nutrient thanks to maternal gene. I am 5'3" and 134.8 lbs now 7 months post partum and can't wait till finish lactating to get this issue tackled.... READ MORE

Upper Arms - Surrey, BC

No diet or exercise helped in this area. After giving it some thought I decided on coolsculpting as no need to have anesthetic and recovery time supposed to be quick. Also it helped to get 50% off! I was there for total 3 hours. When applicator is applied you will feel a strong pulling... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Upper Arms - Beaverton, OR

I had Coolsculpting done on my arms on July 14, 2016. The technician at The Waldorf Center didn't place the protective gel pad properly on my left arm. At 40 minutes into the procedure, the pad had sucked into the cup and my skin outside the cup began to feel like it was burning. They shut the... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting on Upper Arms MELBOURNE

Thought I would write a bit of a review of my experience as this site was so helpful prior to my cool sculpting appointment . So far I've had one appointment treating my upper arms. The experience itself wasn't necessarily painful but it was defiantly uncomfortable. The thing I struggled with... READ MORE

Blue Water Spa Coolsculpting on Upper Arms Ineffective

I regret having this procedure done because after four months my upper arms are the same size as before Coolsculpting. I am not seeing even a subtle change because it doesn't work on arm fat which is why most medi spas do not perform Coolsculpting on this area of the body. Those who are still... READ MORE

Coolsculpting for Upper Arms at the Maas Clinic - San Francisco, CA

Hi, I have always been of average weight (5 ft 6", 130 lbs) and my weight has never varied much (except when I was pregnant with my two kids). I have always had a healthy diet and relatively regular exercise. I have had disproportionately larger upper arms since I was a teen and it has always... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Inner Thighs-30 Year Old Avid Fitness Enthusiast. Atlanta, GA

Im 5'3" 125#. I'm pretty fit everywhere-except for a few areas which I feel I have "pockets" of fat that never seem to go away no matter how intense my training is. I have a clean, healthy diet, I limit my amount of processed foods & do cardio/weights 5-6 days a week. Had several... READ MORE

66 Year Old Needing Tummylift/thigh Reduction. Marlton, NJ

About 2 years ago I went to a plastic surgeon to discuss a tummy deduction due to 2 "C" sections. I was told that the surgery would be riskey due to the nerves cut and if bleeding would not be able to stop. Big disappointment! I saw an ad about CoolSculpting from a medical center in Phila. ... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting Visits- First Visit Pain Free, 2nd Visit Agonizing! - Los Angeles, CA

I am an active almost 60 year old and have a management career in the entertainment business. It is a competitive business and I felt like I was perceived as loosing my edge due to my additional weight. I first went to get cool sculpting and did my inner thighs, upper arms and 4 small... READ MORE

52 Yrs Old, Did Both Upper Arms - Destin, FL

After losing over 100 lbs, I still had a lot of fat in my upper arms, and I wanted to reduce the lumpy appearance as well, This is not painless. I cannot imagine doing this on my belly or upper back, in those more sensitive areas. The swelling is extreme and I had bruises all over my arms, then... READ MORE

52 in Good Shape with Flabby Upper Arms and Some Back Fat - Manhattan, NY

Day 1: Very sore after the cool sculpting machine was taken off and the technician massaged the area! Really painful when the numbing sensation ceased and feeling came back. The upper arms were tough, too. After about 10 minutes it felt fine. Although I did take two Advil at the end. There us... READ MORE

Don't Waste Your Time or Money - Spring, Texas

Had upper and lower abdomen and upper arms, very little impact for the cost. I would have been better to just spend a couple of thousand more and just had a lipo. And by the way, this is not painless, it hurts when you are getting done to some degree and after as well. I have a high pain... READ MORE

CoolSculpting Works - Omaha, NE

My procedure was fairly simple, I did CoolSculping on my upper arms, when they first hooked the machine it was a little painful and it felt weird, but after 10 minutes the area was pretty number and the treatment itself was not hard or too painful, the staff told me to avoid moving because the... READ MORE

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