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Annoying Muffins - Doral, Florida

This procedure seems to have great potential my experience though was horrendous …. the staff didn't know what they were doing it seems, the machine kept on breaking down and the end result was a horrendous burn… THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO GO!!!!! I have since gone to another place which was gre... READ MORE

49YO, 3 Kids, Work out 3-4X a Week (OTF) Eat Well...STUBBORN and Fat.

I personally think its a waste of $$. No results even after 12 week. They actually wanted to do a second procedure.... I also have a friend who did the same and she has no results either. I feel that maybe a laser lipo would have been better. I am probably 10lbs overweight so not sure I want... READ MORE

dont waste your money!!!

Save your money. I had 6 treatments and wasted 4 hours for the "procedure". I am now 12 weeks post procedure ZERO results other than my bank account $3,800 lighter. Seeking a full refund. Complete rip off!! I have taken measurements before the "procedure" and photos, absolutely ZERO change.... READ MORE

CoolSsculpting on Arms and Abs Did Not Work -zero Results on Arms

I had coolsculptting done 3 months ago to the day on my arms and on four sections on my stomach. My arms were measured before the procedure and I have been measuring them ever since- ABSOLUTELY ZERO results. My arms are the exact same size- no change in the appearance either- 20% results... READ MORE

The Old System (Hour Long) Was Effective. The New & Improved Does NOTHING - So Disappointed

I have contacted support at Zeltiq twice now --- wondering if they have heard this from others. Not even a hello/reply. Nothing! The place I used is great. Reputable & all that. But the first time I had this done (last October), they were using a 1-hour method & it worked. Then they came... READ MORE

Turned 50 and Trying to Shed Stubborn Belly Fat

I read lots of reviews and was very hopeful this would work. I had 5 areas done at around 30 minutes an area which should have been around 3 hours. My appointment was at 1230 and I walked out after they closed at 6. The next two weeks I would describe as feeling as if I had been in a car wreck.... READ MORE

4 weeks post CoolSculpting to abs, flanks and inner thighs. Not sure if it worked

I had coolsculpting exactly 4 weeks ago and I am not sure if I am seeing any results. I think maybe I see a small change but expected more based on feedback I've read of people seeing results as early as 3 weeks after the procedure. I know the total recovery time is 12 weeks but I'm starting... READ MORE

Blue Water Spa Coolsculpting on Upper Arms Ineffective

I regret having this procedure done because after four months my upper arms are the same size as before Coolsculpting. I am not seeing even a subtle change because it doesn't work on arm fat which is why most medi spas do not perform Coolsculpting on this area of the body. Those who are still... READ MORE

Had CoolSculpting to Love Handles and Abdomen- Active Male 33 Y/o. Charlotte, NC

Had the procedures done at the Hunstad Center in Charlotte, NC. I'll upload my photos from the practice patient portal shortly. Overall pretty dissatisfied with the freezing and feel at the end of the day CoolSculpting was a waste of time and money, and parts of it were very painful. Had two... READ MORE

Senior Citizen Concerned About Health - Pikesville, MD

As I have aged, I have become more aware of the sicknesses/illnesses that older folks get. Since I have been lucky and don't have any of these issues, I wanted to try to keep it that way. I had gained weight, clothes were uncomfortable or didn't fit and I was unhappy. I called Dr. Kane and... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Not Consistent. Charlotte, NC

Fairly tall and thin and very active but needed some small fat removed on torso and love handles. I was told I was he excellent candidate but treatments were not consistent and some ineffective. I was disappointed in the outcome from the treatment that was done ineffectivly by an seemingly... READ MORE

My Wallet is Thinner As a Result of Zeltig, but That's All - NYC

Frankly, the only thing thinner and lighter is my wallet. I'm over 3 months post and it did nothing at all. Fit male, 30s, small ab pouch otherwise in fine shape and have been consistently for years. In short, a waste of my time. Dr. C's office, NYC. Also I found it strange (and... READ MORE

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