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Coolsculpting before and after--couple glitches, but overall, happier than before! - Avon, CT

So, last year I decided to get coolsculpting on my lower stomach. A little background: I'm 5'2", fluctuate between 115-120 lbs. My stomach was disproportionate to the rest of my slim figure. It runs in the family. I had a total of 2 treatments--1 on my lower abdomen (the original plan) and 1 on... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting for Arms

Arm lipo done back in 11.2014 done by Dr. Moise Salama in Miami Florida , did nothing for me instead left me with uneven results and saggy skin. I consulted Dr. armando Soto in orlando florida couple of weeks ago for revision for arm lipo and instead he recommended to do few sessions of Cool... READ MORE

Left my Stomach Lumpy - Canada

I had this done to remove some extra fat around my lower abs and did my upper as wee, 4 applicators in a diamond shape. I'm 5'1 113 lbs and had a fairly flat tummy to begin with. However, it's been 3 months and I've seen some fat reduction but it's very uneven. I did my post 60 day follow up and... READ MORE

Buyer's Remorse - Dr. Shel's Wellness Center & Aesthetics

Never again! On day one I was assessed for the appropriate treatment by a business manager rather than a legitimate health care professional! Since the treatment was advertised as a "lunch time" process with "little down time", I didn't question this. Long story short, the treatment was not... READ MORE

Not the Cheapest, but the Best! - Chapel Hill, NC

Had Coolsculpting in November at my Dermatologist's office in NC. They are a top provider according to coolsculpting's website (do your research people). I couldn't be happier! I always hated my outer thighs and love handles. The office had 2 machines so I was able to do both legs and both love... READ MORE

PLEASE DON"T DO IT, My body is ruined.

My first experience with CoolSculpting by Zeltiq was in November of 2011. I was 140 lbs, 5'5". I was also working out like crazy and dieting but still had that annoying little pooch that all women complain about. The procedure itself was excruciating! During the first five minutes, I thought I... READ MORE

50+ and desesperate! Coolsculpting to undo lipo mess?

Not sure what to think YET! Don't expect me to post pictures, they aren't pretty. You see, I'm 50+/menopause 2 years now. For YEARS I was fit and trim, then aging and sagging happened. Active Senior that looks like a Senior. I am NOT a hot mama jama and I watch what I eat and do. Fit bit... READ MORE

Coolsculpting is Worthless and Painful!

I meant to write this years ago, my sincere apologies to whoever I could've helped with their decision NOT to endure such a pointless and ridiculously expensive procedure. That money could have gone to my later tummy tuck and liposuction and without the pain. I hate how stupid the FDA is. Don't... READ MORE

Coolsculpting on Abdomen Has Created a Dent and Loss of Fat on Right Hip - United Kingdom

I have a slim frame with a nice figure but have always had a roll of fat on my tummy which has got bigger as I've got older. I had Zeltiq Coolsculpting done 2 months ago just for the lower abdomen. I've now got a big dent on my right hip and there's no longer any fat coverage over the hip bone... READ MORE

45 Yo Woman Treats Herself to 10 Cycles - Sydney, AU

I had been contemplating something to reduce the unwanted fat deposits for a couple years. I work out a lot and have even lost a couple pounds in the past 6 m but the bra fat, muffin top and tummy were just killing me. I hated that I couldn't wear fitted clothes without seeing the little bulge.... READ MORE

55 Year Old Coolsculpting Results - Burlington, ON

I just want to let you know how my latest round of Coolsculpting is turning out. The abdominal scar and area around it have changed totally!!! The scar itself now blends in color-wise, and texture-wise it has almost disappeared. It's tiny. And most of the bumpiness/uneveness has disappeared... READ MORE

28 Years Old, Lost 50#, Small Amount of Fat on Lower Abdomen

I was that this was totally painless....for me IT WAS NOT!!! During the first few minutes of the procedure I felt like I was holding my breath and was getting anxious from the intense suction. This part was bearable.....the massage after WAS AWFUL. I started sweating & felt dizzy and... READ MORE

Great Treatment Option if You Choose a Qualified Provider. - Orlando, FL

I think coolsculpting is a wonderful treatment option for people who are already in shape with problem areas. I am a very active person that had a little extra fat on my abdomen from having two babies. I was happy with my abdomen but thought there could be improvement. Unfortunately, Bridget... READ MORE

Waste of Money - Unbearable Pain and Really Bad Result - London, GB

The pain for 1- 2 weeks after it was done was almost unbearable. 2 months on very uneven result. Could see the result after just 10 days. I had my flanks done and on one side it looks like I have had a chunk of my side taken out and the other little change at all. So went from looking a little... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Mistake - Bend, OR

I had coolsculpting done 8 weeks ago on the arms. I have noticible results, although uneven results and one arm has a very visible concave or indent. The other arm is perfect. I had a follow up with my doctor who did the procedure and she really did not help me. She would not do coolsculpting... READ MORE

Lower Abs - Was Left with UNEVEN Results! Miami, FL

Went there for the 1st Coolsculpting treatment (lower abs, used the large applicator) in Sep/2013. Changes were not significant and went back in Dec/2013 for another session. Was left UNEVEN! Went back to show it to the doc almost 3 mos later (to give it time to heal) he told me to wait a... READ MORE

Severe Pain in Abs Mild Discomfort Flanks - Nashville, TN

Severe pain in abs. Mild Discomfort on flanks. Free service post lipo for uneveness. See below for pain treatment. Hopefully the pain will be worth it. It was so bad couldn't do anything but keep clothing off the area and ice it still 10 days later. I am only 10 days post sculpt. I am 1 in... READ MORE

Potential for Uneven Results - Michigan

I just had my love handles done a week ago and the experience wasn't bad. I am already thin- 5'7 120lbs but just wanted to tighten the area up. Had some cramping immediately after but that went away in a few minutes. Both sides feel bruised (but have been progressively getting better... READ MORE

Uneven Results on Abdomen

Had procedure done 3 months ago. Received two treatments one immediately after the other on each side of belly button. Left side started to respond well after about 3 weeks, however right side has not changed, leaving me very uneven. Still giving doctor a chance to make good by repeating... READ MORE

Undecided on Zeltiq

I had 3 sessions of zeltiq done a week ago on my lower stomach and sides. While its too soon to know if it was worth it or not, my concern is for the side effects I'm currently feeling. My experience during the 3 hour session was fine, I was even able to take naps in between the sessions... READ MORE

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