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41 Year Old Mum of 3, Looking to Eliminate Lower Belly Fat and More! - London, GB

For a very long time now I have been thinking about doing something about my bulging tummy, inner thighs and underarms. I have a fairly active lifestyle. I go to the gym 5 times a week, eat heathy ( most of the time!) and very conscious of weight management but these areas do not seem to... READ MORE

38 Year Old Needed a Booster to Get Rid of Under Arm Fat and Belly Pooch - Houston, TX

I usually yo-yo between 10- 15 lbs of my ideal weight but even at my slimmest I can't get rid of the lower belly bulge and my arms always looked a trifle big for my body- well I felt self conscious about them. I wasn't completely sold on invasive cosmetic surgery and after reading up about... READ MORE

28 Years Old 57KG 165cm Height Fit No Kid. London, GB

After lots of research, I've decided to do coolsculpting as going to the gym 3-4 times a week doesn't help reduce some stubborn fat I have under the arms, on my thighs, lower abs and love holders. I went to Dr Mario Luca Russo who has 2 clinics, had a consultation in Canary wharf London,... READ MORE

Fixing Stubborn Arm Fat! - Beverly Hills, CA

I'm currently in the process of fixing my underarm fat. My arms have always been naturally a lot bigger than the rest of my body and my motivation was to slim them down to match. I was really nervous going into a place to perform any type of cosmetic surgery because I never had before. Dr.... READ MORE

A Waste of Money. Columbia, MD

If it had been my absolute goal to throw a few thousand dollars down the drain, then I could not have found a better way to do it than to have these malarkey "cool sculpting" threatments on my belly and thighs. Actually, it makes me feel better to read some of these more positive reviews and see... READ MORE

Don't Waste Your Money! Fat Grew! - Boonton, NJ

Had eight coolsculpting procedures on my stomach, two under arms and two on back fat rolls. Two done on outer thighs as well. The areas grew! I am bigger and fatter and now embarassed to go out! I spent my savings and now have no money to repair the aftermath!!! The woman insisted I had... READ MORE

39 - Two Kids...needed a Little Help, with No Down Time - Danville, CA

I'm a very active mom, of two (9yrs & a special needs 4yr old), who works full time. My second child took a toll on my body and with what excercise I can get in, I've plateaued. I have some areas that I feel need some added attention, and I don't have three hours a day to spend at the gym. I... READ MORE

CoolSculpting at It's BEST - Reno, NV

I was not happy with the liposuction treatment to my inner thighs, and the dimpling it created. And the skin on my underarms was sagging & unsightly at best. My abdomen was old looking and droopy, I wanted that changed without going under the knife again. I looked into Coolsculpting and it's... READ MORE

Time to Get Rid of That Underarm Fat So I Can Wear Strapless Again! - Longmeadow, MA

I really felt uncomfortable looking at the fat in my underarm are when I had a sports bra or strapless dress on so I decided to have the area treated with coolsculpting. The whole treatment took about 2 hours and I am so happy with the results! It was pain free and I watched Netflix the entire... READ MORE

Upper Arms Cool-sculp - Portland, OR

I would definitely recommend the cool-sculp procedure at Dr. Rajani's facility. I have seen such great results that it has given me more self-confidence. The staff is so friendly and helpful, they made me feel comfortable and not pressured. Especially Alexa, she is truly helpful and always took... READ MORE

Numbness in Fingers After Underarm Treatment . PLEASE HELP - Irvine, CA

I have done cool sculpting tx on my under arms. Needless to say the treatment was so painful that left me screaming after the machine was off. Worst than that is loss of sensation in my forearms extending to my small finger and my ring finger. My hands are so weak I can barely move them. It's... READ MORE

Coolsculpting on Back and Underarms - Calgary

I was pretty skeptical about having this done, but having already had liposuction in other areas, I was dreading the thought of more lipo. The Dr. was very positive about it-he had done it on a couple of ladies who work in his office before buying the machine to make sure it wasn't too good to... READ MORE

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