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time off work + CoolSculpting

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29 Coolsculpting of Upper and Lower Abs - Surrey, BC

I'm 29, 5'5 and 140 pounds. I'm pretty skinny every except for my belly. It's always been my problem area. So I decided to have cool sculpting on July 6. At my first consultation s few days earlier it was recommended that I have two large applicators for my lower abs and two of the smaller... READ MORE

Gained and gaining weight and flab since last pregnancy

I'm 34 female, mom of 2, 155lbs 5'4. Exercise has been a constant in my life for over a decade. Always have had healthy diet and recently have gone to higher protein lower carb diet. Have gained 25# since becoming pregnant 6 years ago while maintaining healthy diet and exercise. WTF. 1 week... READ MORE

I'm a 52 Year Old Women with Excess Fat.

After 3 months I now have less fat. I'm very pleased with the results. I will go back for a couple more procedures. I would recommend this procedure. There is no down time I was back to work the next day. There is some discomfort but it's not bad. Each treatment takes an hour and two areas can... READ MORE

The Pain is Terrible. The Woodlands, TX

I had the cool sculpture procedure done on my abdomen, Tuesday, November 1. They told me the side effects, bUT never said how much pain I would be in. My pain actually started on Saturday, November 5. It is terrible. The stinging, tingling, burning and stabbing get pain is unbearable. I have... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting; my Experience During Recovery

I had my cool sculpting procedure done on my upper and lower abdoment exactly 12 days ago. The procedure itself was uncomfortable for the most part everything you've read in its reviews is true about the intense suctioning and extreme coldness. The procedure itself is not worse then the... READ MORE

Coolsculpting is the Most Painful Thing I've Ever Experienced

This is Day 2 after I got my upper and lower abdomen cool-sculpted. I'm in so much pain I can barely stand up and walk. I think it's absolutely disgusting that most of these clinics are advertising cool-sculpting as painless and "mildly uncomfortable". The nurse flat-out lied to me and said I... READ MORE

Horrible Pain After Coolsculpting, Intense Horrific Pain

I didn't do enough research on this. It's been around for a while, and I like being an early adopter (I did laser hair removal in 2000), and its spring and I have a belly that needs to be removed....NOW! After seeing a clip on Dr Oz, and having lunch with a friend, we started talking about cool... READ MORE

That Was my 1st of 4 Sessions for Now with 1 or 2 More to Follow in June - Pikesville, MD

Needed a body makeover & I researched Coolsculpting & decided exactly procedure I wanted to try & have been excited about results. MaryLu provided superb care - she was very knowledgeable & friendly. I'm excited about results & will share again in month. Procedure was tolerable & went back to... READ MORE

CoolSculpting Review---So Pleased with the Results. Beverly Hills, CA

I have always had a tummy pooch in my lower stomach area and have not been able to wear form fitting dresses. I am slender, but that area has bothered me forever. I had a consultation with Dr. Chiu to discuss CoolSculpting and he found me to be an ideal candidate for the procedure. He fully... READ MORE

I Was 29 and Overweight - Thought This Was Suppose to Work - Toronto, ON

They took my money and i got no results , just pain and bruising. I was off work for 6 days in pain , they said I should lose 10" off my belly and about 25 lbs , neither of which happened. then they offered to do it a second time for free - I wasn't going through that pain again for nothing,... READ MORE

Belly Fat Wanting to Reduce Without Tummy Tuck. Miami Beach, FL

Great staff and very knowledgeable! I didn't know what to expect I think it was better that way. The girls in the office made the procedure more comforting. It does hurt when the machine sucks your skin in but then it subsides. You need to breath deeply. It's itchy afterwards and the skin... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting Not As Bad As I Feared Because of Some Reviews - Houston, TX

I had 3 areas done today because after a lot of weight loss my abdomen just wouldn't shrink any more after 3 years. So here it is an honest review. Did it hurt? Yes like hell. Was it unbearable? Not even close. Each section I had done was done separately so I was in the office for over 3... READ MORE

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