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Coolsculpting Bra Roll

I had my first coolsculpting treatment on my bra roll. The facility I went to offered both sides to be done at the same time so the total treatment time was one hour (instead of two). The area was swollen and red for a few days. After about 3-4 weeks I noticed the fatty areas treated were... READ MORE

42yr Old, No Kids, 112lbs "Skinny Fat"

I've always been petite. At most maybe 115lbs but when I gain weight it's in my belly. I want to gain weight in my arms and legs but they just always go to my mid section. My friend did coolsculpting in Nov and when I checked with her a couple wwwks ago, she said she saw a difference. I was... READ MORE

New Mom Body - Sycamore, IL

I had coolsculpting done on my stomach and love handles 3 months after having a baby. Before I was pregnant, I could never get rid of my "pooch" on my lower ab, even when I was working out 2x/day. 2 months after the treatment, my pooch is smaller than before baby. The treatment was a little... READ MORE

CoolSculpting Worked. Lubbock, TX

I had CoolSculpting done 2/24/15 and I waited to post a review until 12 weeks out. I'm posting some pictures below although to me you can't tell very well how it worked. My wife has commented that my gut is much smaller. I had a pair of jeans that were tight around the waist. Those same jeans... READ MORE

Attack of the Muffin Top! - Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I always had a thin waste (good genes) but developed a muffin top and love handles with my two pregnancies. I had one freeze-session that tackled my lower abdomen and love-handles. The lower abdomen was the most uncomfortable (not painful, just weird pulling sensation) that unfortunately left... READ MORE

CoolSculpting Arms - Nashville, TN

Had pretty good experience lost about 1/2 from each arm. In early May went back and had second treatment, lost about another half inch from each already. I noticed results each time at three weeks mark. Not much after that. So while arms are still flabby and Ned toning, they are one inch... READ MORE

Love Handles HANDLED! - Walnut Creek, CA

Wow. The love handles are dramatically smaller and look much better. I'm pumped for the summer! This treatment works great for those looking to look a little more fit in their trunks. I used to have a pretty good muffin top in trunks or even jeans... No mas! I feel like I look about 10 years... READ MORE

Inner Thigh - Say Bye Bye!! - Walnut Creek, CA

My inner things have always always ALWAYS been my problem area. No matter what I do they rub. I would even get holes in my jeans from the rubbing!! I have always been SO self conscious of this area....until COOL SCULPTING!!!! This procedure has changed my life. I have seen a significant change... READ MORE

Totally Not Worth It for Me

Was 52 at the time and getting pudgy. Had lost 5kg a few years previously to get to my goal weight of 55 kg but still didn't really lose the belly so thought I would give this a go. Had probably put back on a few kilos since then though. Very disappointed to not even see a shred of difference.... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Experiences at Accent Aesthetics in Galloway Township, NJ

I have gone to Accent Aesthetics in Galloway Township, NJ for several years for facials and injectables. When they added coolsculpting to their spa, I learned that I could be a candidate and finally lessen many bulges that just would not get any smaller, regardless of dieting and exercising. ... READ MORE

34 Yrs Old - My Tummy - Virginia Beach, VA

BRIEF HISTORY : I'm 34 yrs old .Weight 115 lbs . height 5.6 . Good Shape. Active person.MY TUMMY,MY NIGHTMARE : I have always been thin and I have always kept myself active, however I have always had this problem with my Tummy and I never wear a bikini .COOLS: I was the perfect candidate (... READ MORE

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