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37 Y/o Female, No Kids, High End of Healthy Weight Range

A few years ago I lost 70 pounds with diet alone. Since then I have gained back about 20, and diet has failed me. I started exercising and that didn't work either. So I figured I'd see what Coolsculpting could do for me: my chin, my stomach and my flanks. The procedure itself was long (I did... READ MORE

21 Hours Post Procedure - 41 year old female ISO a little (a lot?) less belly bulge.

On Wednesday (4/5/17), I went in to have my lower abdomen manipulated into a bizarre contraption (twice!) in hopes of obliterating the pesky bulge. The 2 hours prior to the treatment I made the mistake of reading dozens and dozens of critical reviews of the Coolsculpting process. The pain and... READ MORE

39 Years Old, Active but Struggled with Losing the Bulge - Charlotte, NC

Yesterday I had my first coolsculpting procedure done on my flank area and next week I will have my lower abdominal area done. The coolmax was used yesterday and will be used next week. I definitely agree with other reviews that are posted on how everything felt. I had my before pics done and... READ MORE

54 and Tired of Love Handles! Appleton, WI

I kind of got talked into this by a friend who wanted CoolSculpting. My daughter is getting married in early June and diet and exercise alone were not getting me where I wanted to be! We went in for a consultation, and at first I was leaning towards Laser Liposuction. (I am 5'4" and 148 lb., so... READ MORE

Just Turned 50 and Needed a Touch Up. - Jacksonville, FL

I had a tummy tuck 16 years ago and now after gaining about 10-12 lbs. the gain was in my upper stomach area and no matter what I seemed to do this would not go away. So after reading many reviews I decided to go for it. Day 1- A little nervous as I wasn't quite sure what to expect on the... READ MORE

I Did Not Want a Tummy Tuck

Love handles that I could not diet and exercise away, now are so much better. the treatment was so easy, actually I fell asleep. I also did the large applicator on my abdomen because I did not want surgery. I feel so much better about my self, I would recommend this to anyone who does not want... READ MORE

College Reunion Coming Up--flatter Tummy

Great experience from start to finish, Slept through treatment No discomfort during treatment but was sore for a great days. I was advised to wear spandex several days. Went back to work same day with no problem. I can't wait to as my final final results and will update my review in... READ MORE

I Think I Might Have Wasted my Money

I had CoolSculpting done on my upper and lower abdomen on 6/5/17 and 6/6/17. The procedure itself was extremely uncomfortable for me. The moment they activate the machine and your fat roll gets sucked into it was torture. It didn't begin to feel better until the area went numb from the cold.... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting; my Experience During Recovery

I had my cool sculpting procedure done on my upper and lower abdoment exactly 12 days ago. The procedure itself was uncomfortable for the most part everything you've read in its reviews is true about the intense suctioning and extreme coldness. The procedure itself is not worse then the... READ MORE

What You Should Know About Zeltiq's Policies Before You Commit...Draper, UT

After going in for a consult with Clarity Skin in Draper, Utah, I was SO excited about this procedure, so I purchased a single session. The total amount paid was $2,100. The procedure was performed on July 12, 2016 and entailed having 6 applicators (2 at a time) applied to targeted areas in the... READ MORE

AWESOME RESULTS! Will Be Returning in the Future - Richmond, VA

I had the cool sculpting procedure done and it has worked wonders on my muffin top. It definitely did what I wanted it to do. The results were subtle but great for non invasive procedures. The procedure was very easy. I slept through the whole thing. I was a little sore the next day, but it... READ MORE

Pain After Procedure - Jacksonville, FL

I just had my 1st treatment less than a week ago and im almost leaning towards giving up on my second treatment. They say the pain im feeling only hapenes to a small percentage of people but the pain im feeling is worse than my c-section recovery! I havent been to sleep in about 3 nights now.... READ MORE

First Day After 5 Treatments - Tender and Bruised but Hopeful - New York, NY

I am 45 year old guy who is pretty decent shape (6'2, 190#, work out 4x a week), but have some problem areas that I wanted to take care of: love handles and a bit of fat on the tummy. I had a total of 5 treatments done yesterday - 2 overlapping on each love handle with the smaller attachment... READ MORE

My Thighs Look Amazing After 2.5 Months! Just Had Stomach Done. Vienna, VA

I had my thighs done in March. I'm sorry, I don't have pics yet, but will post eventually. The before, when I stood shoulder width, my thighs started touching about 8 inches above my knees. And I've been like this most of my life. I pretty much was doing the splits before they stopped touching.... READ MORE

CoolSculpting at Dr. Brian Young’s Office, Body Sculpting & Spa Services LLC in St. Clair Shores - Saint Clair Shores, MI

I have used spa services from Grosse Pointe Farms to Union Lake and found that cool sculpting is the easiest, most effective means of losing unwanted fat permanently. Body Sculpting & Spa Services in St. Clair Shores is also the 5th spa I've tried to decrease unwanted fat and overall body... READ MORE

Killed my Fat!! - White Rock, BC

I had been trying for years to get rid of the fat on my stomach.... diets ...the gym .... nothing seemed to work. Lipo was too scary and expensive for me! I went to New Beauty in White Rock, B.C. and Caree was amazing. she helped me with the best treatment plan for my body type and what I wanted... READ MORE

They Don't Tell You Exactly Just How MUCH Pain You Will Be in a Week After Your Procedure. Cincinnati, OH

I just had coolsculpting done on my upper and lower abdomen with the large applicators seven days ago. The pain started two nights ago. They do not tell you exactly how bad the pain is going to be. I was told that I would be "pretty uncomfortable". No, I've been in really bad pain now for two... READ MORE

28 Yo Female Upper and Lower Abs - Center Valley, PA

So Today I went in and got my Coolsculpting done!!!!! 9am I was brought into the office and we reviewed the procedure. My tech Annie was extremely nice and took the time to explain everything that I didn't already know and how each step was going t work out. First and foremost she was very... READ MORE

Coolsculpting - Australia, AU

Day 1- I had the large applicator done on my lower tummy. When the applicator went on it was quite a discomforting pain. On a scale of 1-10 id say the pain is around a 4. It felt like an intense pulling and pinching. I felt as though i was counting down those 6 mins when the numbness would kick... READ MORE

Had First Treatment Today - New York, NY

I had my first cool sculpting treatment this morning on my lower abs. It hurt badly for the first 10 minutes and then went numb. I thought I was going to throw up at first and almost panicked and asked them to take the machine off. But after 10 minutes I was fine and slept for the rest of the... READ MORE

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