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Trying to Get Rid of Smart Lipo Side Effects

I had smart Lipo in 2015 to remove stubborn fat that was left after massive weight loss at Strax Rejuvanation (New Look Boca) with Dr. Dean who didn't Lipo the fat around my belly well. I was left with a very uneven belly button. I had a breast reduction with Dr. Pinsky who offered to care of... READ MORE

Tummy Help Successful!!!!!!

For several years I had been struggling with my spare tire and muffin top. I eat well, exercise moderately and consistently cut back on calories with little change. When I began looking like I was carrying at baby at 50+, I decided it was time to look into CoolSculpting. Shelly made me feel so... READ MORE

Coolsculpting on Abdomen 26 y/o Female 5'4" 126 lbs

I had coolsculpting on my abdomen today. After reading reviews, I was terrified of the pain I would experience during and after the procedure. I'm happy to report that it wasn't painful at all! Don't be scared off by those reviews! The suction and cooling during the procedure are, at most, a tad... READ MORE

Doing This for Me!!

I have been reading tons of reviews , even before scheduling my consolation. I wrote down any questions/concerns i had and got all of them answered example - How do i know if i qualify for the procedure to make a difference? She advised as long as there is pinchable fat i can get it. How many... READ MORE

Totally Regret - New York, NY

Everyone tells you the side affects of itching, soreness, bruising but no one tells you about paradixical adipose hyperplasia. It's a rare condition where the fat grows rather then dying off. Almost four month post treatment my under bra area, mid section and flanks show signs of firmness,... READ MORE

Young, Health Conscious, Exercise- No Results with Coolsculpting - Toronto, ON

Please see Photos below. Did a v-shape (one small piece treatment on each side of Lower abdomen). I followed all the after care and post care an experienced pain with the after effects of coolsculpting. I was very disappointed in the technology and not the spa. It's the company coolsculpting... READ MORE

Preparing for 12 Small Treatments (Abdomen, Flank, Bra) over 3 Days. Blacksburg, VA

I went for my consult at New River Aesthetic yesterday. They were thorough in describing the process and did warn me that the late onset pain was more common than people think, but only described it as a "weird, itchy pain that can be managed with neurotin". I paid for my sessions upfront before... READ MORE

Clarity Skin in Utah - Utah, UT

The outcome it's unbelievable, my love handles are gone for good. I can't wait to come back to treat another areas in my body. I am very happy with the results! The precedure was painless, it was finalized in timely manner, and I didn't experience any side effects. I started to see results... READ MORE

An Unwanted Double Chin - Houston, TX

Looking at pictures I was tired of seeing my double chin. With other options available on I decided to do Coolsculpting considering the fewer side effects for the sub mental. Pros: The treatment took two hours. No one was able to tell I had anything done because the swelling was non existent... READ MORE

Fat Freeze with Cavitation - Windsor, UK

I was going to have lipo done but after meeting the surgeon wasn't sure it would be right for me because he sai it would make cellulite on the upper par to my belly visible. I decided to take a noninvasive route and try fat freezing and cavitation after finding a package deal. I had my first... READ MORE

81 Year Old Female with a Pooch and a Gut That Really Troubled Me - Laguna Niguel, CA

I was willing to spend the money to reduce the fat at my waist, abdomen and gut sufficiently to get back into my clothes of a year ago. It has been 5 weeks and I see absolutely no change, I am scheduled for a second treatment in 3 weeks. Unfortunately, the center does not return my calls &... READ MORE

Amazing experience with coolsculpting!!!

I went to Dr Tenenbaum for a consult for the best treatment for thighs. I am at a healthy weight and work out 5-6 days a week. I am generally happy with my body overall but was very unhappy with not being able to improve my thighs. I had looked into procedures and had consults with other... READ MORE

45 Years Old, 4 Children Later Need Help with Tummy and Bat Wing Arms! I Was Scammed!

I was very optimistic about having the procedure. I was excited that there was no down time and not exposing myself to the danger of going under. I bought 10 sessions and was looking forward to the new improved me. I had my stomach done first in two sessions with the large applicator. It was... READ MORE

Update on CoolSculpt procedure--Amazing!

I underwent the CoolSculpt procedure almost 3 weeks ago under the direction of Ashley Pomerville, a highly experienced and knowledgeable technician. From the moment I walked into their lovely offices, the ReNew You Team was friendly and extremely caring. Seriously, I hadn't been this well taken... READ MORE

35 y.o.

OMG. BAD side affects!!!!!! Like hundreds of bees stinging my belly from the inside!!!!!! The first few days was swollen, had regular pain - from pinching and the procedure itself. Did it on Jan 2nd, now is Jan 7th and I cannot stand this pain! Like hundreds of bees keep stinging my belly from... READ MORE

Caution!!!!! - Indiana, IN

It was very painful could not get out of bed for a week ...I had lower abs only done. Extreme bruising. My stomach did go flat ! Was so happy.. Until the 4-5 month mark when PAH set in and now my stomach is bigger than before!!!!! They claim this is rare but it's a lie!!!!! This is real side... READ MORE

Not sure if this was worth it! Painful after-effects as well as insane itching! - Phoenix, AZ

I'm 46, had a baby 2.5 years ago and have had a very hard time getting rid of the poochy, flab on my abdomen. I'm 5'4' and weighed roughly 124 the day I had Coolsculpting done on my abdomen and love handles. I'm a woman who's been waxed, lasered with IPL on my face, I've had laser hair removal... READ MORE

Coolsculpting on Abs Area- Side Effects - Colombia, CO

Had my first coolscultping treatment on the abs area. On the 3rd day after the treatment, I have been feeling terrible, nauseas, chills, soreness and stiffness on the abs area, cero appetite, cero energy. I have not been able to sleep well. I have been taking Aleve for the pain... It has helped... READ MORE

Great Value 10 Treatments Included 10 Complimentary Laser Tightening - Scottsdale, AZ

I had an Absolutely fabulous experience with Coolbodycontours Contours performed by both Kim and Aja. They both took great care to explain the procedure so I knew what to expect and took Photos so in a couple of months I will b able to asses the final results. I sat in a comfy chair with... READ MORE

Love Handles. Metairie, LA

I work out all the time but I can't seem to target my love handles. I know that i did not want surgery because I felt as if that was too drastic and required too much down time. CoolSculpting was perfect for me. I feel as if the combination of hard work through exercise, healthy consistent... READ MORE

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