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29 Year Old After Substantial Weight Loss - Tulsa, OK

I am 4'11 and currently weight 120 lbs. Four years ago I stepped on the scale at a pre-employment physical and almost had a heart attack. It said 176 lbs! At the time I was in a healthcare professional school and working full time so I used diet alone to lose my weight. After losing 53 lbs I... READ MORE

28 Yr Old, 1 Child, 5'2", 170lbs - Lower Ab Coolsculpting - Colorado, CO

I had my very first coolsculpting session today. It wasnt nearly as bad as i was expecting after reading some of the reviews on here. I feels like what it is. Your fat is sucked into a vacuum and chilled. I felt light pressure the whole hour but it was tolerable. The massage after was... READ MORE

These Arms Have Got to Go - Chicago, IL

Getting Cool Sculpting in 3 weeks! I hope I see some results. I am chubby but my arms are disproportionately fat. My left arm is one inch thicker than my right. I am hoping one session will be enough but I might need two. I will post updates right after the first treatment and as I recover. I... READ MORE

26, No Children, Always Had Stubborn Fat

Areas of treatment session 1: abdomen,one lower stomach fat, two small upper abdomen fat The process was simple. It's basically a vacuum sucking your fat and freezing it. Yes, it's cold and uncomfortable. The most uncomfortable part is the first 1-2 minutes of your fat being sucked into the... READ MORE

Two C Sections| One Coolsculpting Session, Going for Second Session in 2 Days - Las Vegas, NV

Coolsculpting is a very cool procedure and I think I'm seeing real results. It's only been about 4 weeks since my session so time will only tell but I have gotten many compliments from others that I'm slimming out so I guess I must be! Only reason I'm saying I "think" I see results is because my... READ MORE

24 No Kids 5'1 135lbs - Scottsdale, AZ

After three years of doing my best with working out and changing my eating habits my lower stomach has always bothered me! I did research on Lipo but was scared because of my age and not having any kids yet and didn't want to waste money haha! So I looked into CS which seemed legit after reading... READ MORE

Coolsculpting on my Abdomen Area - Toronto, ON

I've been following real self reviews on coolsculpting and I've decided to finally take the plunge! It's been a few hours since my session and my stomach is swollen and bruised. It's incredibly larger and I'm almost scared but I will keep this post updated. First photo is my before and second... READ MORE

I Have Not Seen ANY RESULTS - Did Not Gain a Single Ounce of Weigh OR LOSE Any Pound! - Arlington, TX

I had my procedure done at Ideal Image in Arlington, TEXAS. The office staff is really nice. The office itself is really clean. I was quick to be approved to do a 10 session procedures upper, lower abdomen and love handles, I did not see a doctor, there is no Doctors at the location. I spoke... READ MORE

29, Three Kids (2 C-sections) Mommy Makeover 5'2" 129#

I am a 29-year? old who has had three kids and I have some stubborn fat that has stuck with me since the first one. I have always wanted to do something about it but never wanted to risk surgery. And even if I did have a tummy tuck I already hate my c-section scar and I have seen the tummy tuck... READ MORE

Very Hopeful at this point- Murphy, NC

I had the firs two sessions today. The worst so far was the begining of the suction. Once it was started though I was able to play on my Ipad and not even think about what was going on. I did 2 one hour sessions and the time went by very quickly for me. Only thing that hurt was my rear end from... READ MORE

Love Handles: Great! Lower Abs, Not So Much... - Brazil

I've done the lower abs area and love handles. My recovery was very painful on the abs and only got better almost 2 weeks later, but was a lot easier on the love handles. The results after 2 months were very noticeable, but now, almost 5 months after the procedure and maintaining my diet... READ MORE

Amazing Results! - Delray Beach, FL

Only needed one treatment! I still had my baby bump four years after having my daughter.  I was not sure what to expect from the procedure, but my results are amazing.  I had no pain. READ MORE

48 year old - 5 years after c section

I had cool sculpting done today - on my upper and lower abs......had a c section 5 years ago and stomach was never the same......will have flanks done next week as well......would really like to feel more like my body prior c section at 42 years old.... Weight was 173 - and this was shocking as... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Was my Right Choice - McLean, VA

I highly recommend Dr. Burton Sundin. He has always been patient, attentive and precise in all procedures I've done with him. I've had Coolsculpting on my belly, love handles, chin and back. After two months, you start seeing the results. In my case, two sessions for each area was enough. The... READ MORE

I Think I Paid Too Much

I have had two sessions on my abdomen and still have one to go. I am liking the results so far but not sure the difference is going to be dramatic enough to justify the hefty price tag. Unfortunately, in my area, there's only one clinic offering the procedure so they have a market monopoly. I... READ MORE

Good Shape but Wanted to Treat Trouble Areas - Birmingham, AL

I workout regularly and I'm very active. My entire life I have had a few trouble areas that I just couldn't get to go away. I treated my stomach and my love handle area. I had one session on each and it worked great. Results are great. No pain just a little soreness. Will definitely do it... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover - Los Angeles, CA

I had my baby in August and was left with some unwanted c section tummy hangover :( I had my first session in February and I scheduled my second session for May because I'm already fitting back into my pre pregnancy jeans after just the first treatment! I didn't lose any weight but definitely... READ MORE

That Was my 1st of 4 Sessions for Now with 1 or 2 More to Follow in June - Pikesville, MD

Needed a body makeover & I researched Coolsculpting & decided exactly procedure I wanted to try & have been excited about results. MaryLu provided superb care - she was very knowledgeable & friendly. I'm excited about results & will share again in month. Procedure was tolerable & went back to... READ MORE

Tried Cool Scuplting on my Belly - Avon, CT

I'm fairly slim, yet had a little bit in the belly to lose so I tried cool sculpting. For me, it was EXCRUTIATING! To the point where I, literally, did not think I was going to make it through the first session. They told me that "most" people, after 12 minutes, don't feel a thing because... READ MORE

day one - Little Rock, AR

Went in yesterday for my very first session. Lower abs. It did NOT hurt at all!! I read a book the entire time. She came in to pull off the applicator and massage the area. I couldn't feel anything because I was numb, but it looked just like a "stick of butter". I put on a control panty and... READ MORE

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