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Hyperplasia Disaster - Victoria, BC

My Zeltiq Cool Sculpting prcedure was an absolute disaster. What Zeltiq fails to point out in their product information is a side effect called "hyperplasia". If this happens to you you won't see a possible 25% in fat reduction in the treated area. What you will see is a 30 to 40 % increase in... READ MORE

51 Yrs of 2 Children and Had a Hysterectomy Incision Going Across Lower Ab

Well my appointment is this Thursday. They are doing ten areas. 2 flanks , 2 muffin tops and are using 6 different treatments on upper and lower abs. I'm hopeful to see some type of results after reeding a lot of posts here. So counting down days. They said I may need two rounds , but i... READ MORE

44 Years Old Flabby Tummy- 2 C-sections - Frisco, TX

I'm 44 and let myself in the last year. I normally exercise to stay somewhat tone but last year did basically nothing. I have had 2 csections and have a pouch of fat that hangs over that scar. I have been working out 3-5 times a week now for the last 6 weeks. I decided to do Cool Sculpting to... READ MORE

34 Yr Old, Had Trouble Losing Stomach Fat After Surgery - Houston, TX

I had surgery to remove a volleyball size tumor on my ovary a few years ago that left scars on my stomach and started having trouble losing the fat around my stomach area. I was very skeptical at first about the procedure and how it would work. When I went to visit Dr Emily Thorton at Nouveau... READ MORE

27 Years Old , Coolsculpt Abdomen - Princeton, NJ

I had my procedure done at Hazen Medical Spa with Regina. I started with my abdomen 2 hours lower on 12/18/16 I was advised to stay hydrated and to take the 4 day arnica montana supplement to prevent bruising. I started the supplement the day before treatment, I did not bruise after the... READ MORE

33 Year Old Mother of 3 Who Wants Her Body Back - Columbus, IN

I have always had a little frame but after kids it has been impossible to get it back. I've worked out here and there but never see results. I was leaning toward a tummy tuck but cost, down time, and scar I thought this was a better option of it works. I went in got 4 treatments for price of... READ MORE

52 Yr Old Female. 130# Abs and Flanks - Texas, TX

I am a 52 year old female who in the last couple of years developed a tummy and muffin top. Diet and exercise did nothing. I purchased 8 treatments. I have a very large scar on my abdomen. The tech decided to use the device vertically. The device was placed on my lower left ab first then... READ MORE

Horrible Itching and Scar After Failed CoolSculpting

Had CS two weeks ago. Or almost. Went through the procedure for 40 min in my outer tight and machine disconnected. Then Assistant plugged again for 10 more minutes and machine disconnected again. So we aborted the procedure and they "reimburse" the money. She did not perform any massage since... READ MORE

34 Year Old Post 3 Kids C Section - Auburn, AL

I've always been athletic but had trouble around mid abdomen and lower area where scar was from csection. Rosemary was wonderful and thorough in all questions asked. This is a great procedure to do with no downtime in healing! The only downside is you have to be patient with results as they can... READ MORE

55 Year Old Coolsculpting Results - Burlington, ON

I just want to let you know how my latest round of Coolsculpting is turning out. The abdominal scar and area around it have changed totally!!! The scar itself now blends in color-wise, and texture-wise it has almost disappeared. It's tiny. And most of the bumpiness/uneveness has disappeared... READ MORE

Too Young for Lipo & Too Pretty for Scars - Yonkers, NY

How could any of us have ever gone all our lives without cool sculpting? It is the best non-surgical procedure out there. Dr. Din made it possible for me to wear clothes and feel comfortable and secure in them. These are the same articles of clothing that I have had for years and never felt... READ MORE

27 Years Old - Reno, NV

I received coolscultping about a year and a half ago, and unfortunately had one of the technicians that placed it for the banana roll put it directly on my buttcheek and created a very noticeable indent. Naturally I was extremely concerned and complained to the Dr who attempted to fix it with... READ MORE

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